December 10, 2023

The Future of Predictive Analytics Software

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Quick Summary: 

Lift AI stands at the forefront of the predictive analytics software market, mostly because it’s a step beyond predictive analytics - instead, it is a predictive AI model.

Lift AI offers businesses an unparalleled solution for unlocking revenue potential. Powered by proprietary machine learning that was built by analyzing billions of previous website engagements, Lift AI reveals visitor behavioral intent in real-time with unmatched accuracy. 

This enables companies to identify high-value website visitors and focus marketing and sales efforts on the high intent segment before they leave the site. 

If you are already familiar with SAS advanced analytics or SAP predictive analytics software then you know the advantages of advanced analytics, but Lift AI is more than a data analytics tool or business intelligence suite. It is capable of analyzing your visitors’ intent indicators in real-time and measuring those against previously modeled visitors who did convert to a purchase. 

With the ability to pinpoint anonymous visitors' buying signals where other tools fall short, Lift AI delivers the predictive insights needed to convert more prospects, close more deals, and maximize sales and marketing performance.

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Why Predictive Analytics is Crucial for Modern Businesses

In today's data analysis-driven markets, predictive analytics is essential. Your business needs to analyze customer behavioral data and identify trends to stay ahead. Predictive analytics technology also gives companies the ability to forecast sales more accurately.

In today’s economic climate, optimizing marketing strategies in real time and allocating resources without the need for in-house data scientists is more important than ever. 

Other reasons why predictive analytics is crucial:

  • Predict visitor churn
  • Forecast visitor demand
  • Find cross-sell opportunities
  • Take your sales outreach to the next level
  • and more.

Lift AI makes advanced predictive analytics accessible and actionable with true machine learning. 

So, let’s unpack what makes Lift AI more than just a predictive analytics tool but a revenue-generating advanced machine learning model.

Key Features of Lift AI's Predictive Analytics Software - Anonymous Visitors in Real-Time

The visibility of the revenue potential of all visitors is achieved by using AI and Machine Learning. Lift AI's advanced analytics and behavior predictive models give companies unprecedented insights into the potential sales behavior of users visiting their website.

A common pain point for most businesses with an online presence is the inability to identify anonymous visitors. Around 70% of website traffic consists of unknown, anonymous or first-time visitors, making it difficult to gauge their interests. With Lift AI, your business can interpret buyer intent and initiate sales outreach where appropriate, unlocking the revenue potential within your website traffic.

Buyer intent scores are a metric used to help your sales teams prioritize resources where sales are more likely to be made. Buyer intent scores are determined with over 85% accuracy in real-time, so your team can engage those visitors before they leave the site. After all, converting a prospect is significantly easier and cheaper to do while they’re right in front of you rather than once they’ve left (and are visiting competitor sites).

Lift AI transforms analytics from rear-view assessments into actionable, forward-looking intelligence.

Benefits of Using Lift AI for Your Business - Boost Sales, Increase BDR Productivity

Revealing website visitors' behavioral intent in real-time is invaluable for sales teams.

Lift AI provides advanced features not found in standard analytics software solutions. Lift AI's machine learning model has analyzed billions of website interactions so it knows how to identify buying signals accurately.

Boost sales forecasting with better visibility into the revenue potential of visitors by using data science and data mining techniques on their historical data. Companies can also craft hyper-personalized messaging and experiences to improve customer engagement without coding knowledge. 

Get access to the website behavioral data you need to optimize strategies without the need for data analysts confidently. Lift AI will analyze data and provide you with the predictive power to increase pipeline, revitalize marketing, elevate sales productivity and strengthen operational agility.

Improved Sales and Sales Forecasting

Predictive analytics models like Lift AI will help improve your sales by allowing you to focus sales resources on “high intent” visitors. For example, you can route high intent visitors to your BDR team through a live chat system such as Drift.

Additionally, understanding the segmentation of your website visitors by high, medium, and low intent allows you to more accurately create projections for each visitor who interacts with your site. Over time, this will help you not only forecast sales through your website, but BDR and sales team staffing requirements. 

Improved Sales Team Efficiency

By segmenting all of your website traffic, you can allow your sales team to focus exclusively on high intent visitors while using automated systems and tools to handle the lower intent visitors. 

That way, your BDRs and sales team are much more efficient, no longer wasting time with non-buyers. This not only improves their productivity, but also their professional satisfaction and performance.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Being able to target specific visitors based on their intent means you can create the best experience for them that aligns to their needs. At this point, your sales team can optimize each interaction with a visitor, such as personalized or customized messaging funnels that increase the chances of completing a sale. This improves the customer experience, while also allowing optimized conversion potential.

Data-driven Decision Making

Using predictive analytics tools, Lift AI allows you to make data-driven strategic decisions and identify the most important visitors. Aside from being able to identify and engage likely buyers in real-time,  you can also use Lift AI’s buyer intent scores inside of your other tools to make other decisions - such as measuring advertising campaign success.

Case Studies: Success Stories with Lift AI

Companies across industries are already achieving game-changing results by implementing Lift AI to reveal visitor intent and to foster engagement:

Lift AI's remarkable customer success demonstrates the revenue lift and accelerated growth possible with predictive models that map to visitor intent.

Getting Started with Lift AI

Getting predictive analytics up and running with Lift AI's seamless integration takes just a few quick steps: 

  1. Sign up for a Proof of Concept
  2. Install the JavaScript tag on your site 
  3. From there, you can connect integrations like chat and analytics tools and start seeing visitor intent data. 

Lift AI can be set up in under an hour. Read the full setup article for detailed instructions.

Pricing and Packages

The available packages are Essentials, Premium, and Unlimited packages starting at $1,500/month—pricing scales based on the number of visitors, integrations, and websites analyzed. Higher tiers provide more integration capabilities and multi-site options for enhanced future events forecasts to help visualize data.

Elevate Your Business with Lift AI

Lift AI gives you the predictive power for business users to convert more visitors and close more deals. Maximize the potential of your sales and marketing strategies with big data. With real-time insights into behavioral intent, you can engage hot prospects at the right time to drive and help secure more sales.

Experience the game-changing impact of Lift AI for your business. View a demo today.

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