Refer Lift AI to your agency's clients and grow with them

Earn up to 20% commission in perpetuity for each client's closed contract.
“Lift AI increased our qualified leads by 168% in one month!”
Doug McKerson, Longship Marketing

Bring in 3 clients, and you could earn $36,000* over 12 months

*Based on an average contract value of $60,000 per client

Average Client Contract
Your Agency Client 1
Your Agency Client 2
Your Agency Client 3

Earn up to 20% of Lift AI's revenue per client

Once your client is signed up and using Lift AI, you'll net 20% of their contract as revenue for the first annual term. Chat to our team about the fine print.

Get paid directly by us, like clockwork

Your clients pay us directly, then we pay you. It's as simple as that. If your client pays you instead, chat to our team about how we can structure the commission.

We'll handle the data compliance and security

When your client signs up directly with Lift AI, we take on all of the data, security, and privacy compliance so that you don't have to.

Receive training and support that enables growth

Our team will get you up to speed on how to extract maximum performance from Lift AI, helping you to sell more and keep clients happy.

How it Works

Earning your 20% comission is easy - just sign up, get approved, and start selling

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Request your Agency Referral Account with Lift AI, and our team will come back to you.

Get Approved

We'll go through a short process to determine your eligibility, then approve you to start selling.

Start Selling

Let us know when you've sent a client our way and we'll make sure you get 20% commission.

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