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Find new revenue from the hidden buyers on your website

Don’t miss the conversion opportunities right under your nose. Use Lift AI buyer intent technology to reveal and engage them based on real-time behavior, even if they're anonymous and unknown to your other tools.
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Find out how Lift AI detects hidden website buyers

Your biggest revenue opportunity is the anonymous visitors on your website right now that your other tools are missing.

"Our goal for ARR from chat for the first year was to generate $50-$100K. In the first year, we were able to attribute over $1M in incremental recurring revenue to Lift AI."
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John Walker
Director of Demand Marketing
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Reveal hidden buyers, right now

Score the buyer intent of every website visitor based solely on their real-time behavior - even if they’re 100% anonymous and have no account or personal data.
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Convert 9x more website visitors

Find red-hot, ready-to-buy visitors across your website and connect them with your sales teams before they leave your site, turning an average of 9x more visitors into revenue.
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Extract the full potential of your website

Your website should be your best revenue channel, and anonymous visitors with high buyer intent are your best opportunities to create new revenue, more efficiently than ever before.
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Optimize sales team performance & efficiency

Feed your sales team with high intent leads that are primed to convert right now on your website, rather than wasting time engaging or chasing those that won’t.
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Personalize every customer experience

Not every visitor is the same. Align their experience to their specific intent. Roll out the red carpet for ready-to-convert visitors while automating or nurturing the rest.
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Win customers before your competitors

Be the first company to proactively engage ready-to-convert visitors that your competitors aren't aware of yet to win the most customers.
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Make your marketing tools even smarter

Combine Lift AI buyer intent scores with your chat, ABM, CRM, and intelligence tools to uncover net-new opportunities, close deals faster, enrich data, and prioritize engagement.
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Increase both short & long sales cycle velocity

From B2C ecommerce transactions to enterprise B2B sales cycles, real-time buyer intent data based on behavior is always relevant to finding more revenue.

Breakthrough results made possible only by Lift AI's machine learning

Tara Rowe
Sr Manager, Marketing Technology

27x ROI by month 5

“We use Lift AI to identify which anonymous website visitors have high intent to direct them quickly to a self-serve ecommerce experience or to a live sales agent. The impact on our sales conversions has been incredible, and we are just getting started.”

Rodolfo Yiu
Manager, Digital Marketing

5x sales efficiency

“Lift AI is a fantastic partner. They have the experience and technical know-how to help us get the most from our Drift investment and accelerate our conversational marketing... Lift AI ensures our chatbots deliver a great customer experience and maximizes conversion"

Matt Tippets
SVP of Product

9x more conversions

"The team at Lift AI are the definition of a strong partner delivering value for our customers and going the extra distance to deliver the best of conversational marketing... the 9x more pipeline from Lift AI + Drift is for real. If you're not familiar with Lift AI yet, hit me in the DM's... your company will be better for it. Drift for sure is."

Jennifer Boudreau
Director, Revenue Operations at Intelex

4x conversions

"24% of our Conversations in Drift are with completely anonymous visitors that are scored High or Mid Intent by Lift AI. The effectiveness of Lift AI’s intent scoring is evident in the fact that those visitors represent 56% of our Drift Influenced Opportunities and they convert to Opportunity 4x more efficiently"

On average, Lift AI customers get 9x more conversions. Could you be next?

We stand by our numbers with confidence - our fees can be made contingent on delivering our promises.
Lift AI Is a Drift Platinum Partner
Helping over 60+ Drift clients improve results
Sales funnel split in half, with anonymous and identified visitors falling through it

Identify: Behavioral Buyer Intent Scoring

The Lift AI pre-trained machine learning model predicts the buyer intent of every website visitor based on their real-time behavior with over 85% accuracy — no personal or account data required.

Real-time Score Integrations

Lift AI connects buyer intent scores to your tools and sales resources so you can take action on each visitor and turn revenue lost into revenue lift.
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Convert, Deflect, and Nurture 

Engage high buyer intent visitors in real-time and convert them with your best sales resources, while servicing lower intent visitors with automated resources for support, nurture, follow-up, and escalation.
  • Get a look under-the-hood at how Lift AI can work for you

  • Learn how you can use Lift AI to target your high buyer intent traffic on your website, and operationalize that with your chat playbooks, website personalizations, pop-ups, lead scoring, remarketing audiences and ABM tools.

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Don’t miss another lost dollar, or another hidden buyer

Install Lift AI in just a few clicks, ready to start scoring the behavioral buyer intent of your website visitors in real-time.
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On average, Lift AI users convert 9x more