Turn anonymous web visitors into revenue

98% of your website traffic is anonymous. Lift AI identifies the buying intent of every single visitor in real-time, so you can convert up to 2-10x more visitors through chat.

30 days, risk-free, no credit card required, simple install.
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Reveal the buyer intent of every. single. visitor

Lift AI has codified over 1 billion captured web journeys and real-time behavioral analytics into a sophisticated AI model that scores the buying intent of every visitor - known and anonymous.

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Prioritize and convert visitors with high intent

Lift AI automatically surfaces web visitors with a high buying intent so your sales team can prioritize them through live chat, while lower buying intent visitors can be engaged with chatbots and other resources.

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See the full revenue potential of your website

With x-ray vision of your visitors’ buying intent, you gain unprecedented visibility of the quality of traffic from each lead source and a powerful view of your entire website’s revenue potential in the Lift AI dashboard.

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Deliver amazing customer experiences in real-time

Lift AI knows when to roll out the red carpet with your live agents, and when to keep things moving with chatbots and self-serve options - not every web visitor needs the same treatment.

Like these companies, you have hidden visitors on your website ready to convert right now

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Find out how the combination of Drift and Lift AI enabled an 88% increase in chat pipeline in just 90 days

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Combining Lift AI with Drift Delivered a 4x Increase in Conversion Rate 

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Anonymous buyer intent scoring in real-time

Reveal the unique buying intent of every visitor on your website (including anonymous visitors), then connect them instantly to your sales agents or chatbots for conversion.
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AI backed by over 1 billion unique data points

Lift AI is the first buyer intent solution built upon 14 million live sales chat interactions and 1 billion profiled web visitors, plus real-time behavioral analytics from Google, Adobe and more.
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Installs in minutes, and integrates with your existing tools

Lift AI is configured out-of-the-box to integrate with your existing chat solution in minutes - simply paste the Lift AI code snippet into your website to get started.
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Add-on services that will skyrocket your conversions

  • Evaluation of your existing chat implementation
  • Custom playbook design to help convert visitors
  • Chat bot design for more effective automation
  • Coverage and staffing strategies for volume increases
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"Leads captured through our Lift AI powered Drift playbooks consistently drive better pipeline and revenue per lead vs. all of our other lead capture tactics."
Bill MacKay
  —  Manager, Digital Performance Marketing
“Lift AI is a fantastic partner. They have the experience and technical know-how to help us get the most from our Drift investment and accelerate our conversational marketing... Lift AI ensures our chatbots deliver a great customer experience and maximizes conversion"
Rodolfo Yiu
  —  Manager, Digital Marketing
“We chose Lift AI based on their proven machine learning model and extensive experience in sales chat optimization. The combination of Lift AI’s targeting model and chatbot optimization enabled PointClickCare to realize a 168% increase in qualified leads from chat in the first month!”
  —  Director Demand Marketing
"[Lift AI is] a valued strategic partner that is continually looking at how best to optimize their services and overall revenue delivery for Kaspersky, including the advent of the Lift AI machine learning model, which has further increased revenue while providing cost savings."
Brian Anderson
  —  Vice President, Head of Digital Sales NA

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How to turn your anonymous visitors into $$$

Part 1 of our Rethink Your Revenue series, which changes how you think about the visitors on your website and how you can convert them to generate more conversions and more revenue.
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