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Lift AI is a data-driven chat integration created by MarketLinc - a global Conversational Commerce and Revenue Optimization Agency.

For the last 30 years, MarketLinc has generated multiple millions of dollars in incremental revenue for global clients such as AAA, Xerox, HSBC, Microsoft, Bell, and Symantec, all on a pay-for-performance model.

Today, MarketLinc is a Conversational Commerce as a Service Company that helps organizations maximize site conversions and revenue through a combination of AI, chat bots, and live sales agents.

MarketLinc has been building and using Lift AI to power its activities. Lift AI is a smart chat integration right out-of-the-box: it leverages MarketLinc's experience with over 1 billion website visitors profiled, over 650 million website visitors influenced, and over 14 million live sales engagements.

How we got here

In 2004, MarketLinc was one of the first telemarketing companies to add chat as a service, taking advantage of their best-in-class sales scripts and strategies.

As technology advanced and other smart chat solutions entered the market, MarketLinc broadened its services to include Conversation Design, Web Experience Design, Quality Monitoring, and Measurement, all designed to continue delivering a seamless integration of live agent and bot automation.

However, there was a new challenge to solve - with hundreds of thousands of web visitors simultaneously on the site, how can you identify a good prospect from a bad one? How do you know which anonymous website visitor should interact with a live agent, which one should interact with a bot, and which one should be directed to Support?
Don Simpson, Founder and CEO of Lift AI explains how 15 years of data and artificial intelligence were the perfect match for optimizing live chat.

Enter Lift AI - the artificial intelligence-driven chat integration that predicts web visitor revenue before engaging them

Chat solutions are not very smart out-of-the-box. On their own, they have no idea which web visitors will lead to revenue, and which ones won’t.

With no way of knowing who-is-who, MarketLinc realized their clients were flying blind, hoping that live sales agents were spending time chatting with the right visitors, and that bots were handling all the rest.
But in a pay-for-performance model, this was not good enough.

So MarketLinc, with the help of machine learning and AI, set out to leverage its vast experience with millions of website visitors profiled and scored, website visitors influenced and live sales engagements, and built Lift AI to maximize revenue and profitability.
Salesforce profitability skyrocketed.

Today, Lift AI’s  expertise is open to all digital marketers who need to improve the performance of their chat solutions and generate significant incremental revenue from the traffic already on their site.
Lift AI Team

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