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Most marketers fish from the dock when converting their website visitors. With Lift AI, you can drive the boat to exactly where the best fish are, and catch them before they swim away.
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    Buyer Intent Scoring
    Lift AI’s machine-learning model scores the buyer intent of every web visitor in real-time (even if they’re anonymous) based on millions of data points and real-time behavioral analytics.
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    Real-time Conversion Triggers
    Visitors are automatically prioritized and connected to your live sales agents or chatbots based on their unique score, ready for conversion before the visitor leaves the site.
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    Performance Measurement
    Score results are shown in the Lift AI Analytics dashboard so you can see and optimize your entire website's conversion potential.
  • Predict buyer intent in real-time
    Lift AI’s machine-learning model scores visitors based on over 1 billion data points collected over 15 years combined with real-time behavioral analytics for accurate, instant buyer intent scoring
  • Pre-trained and ready to score
    Lift AI comes pre-trained to score all visitors automatically so you can get started right away without having to manually manage hundreds of rules and scenarios for your website
  • Increase Conversions with Sales Agents
    Now that you know which of your website visitors have a high buyer intent score, you can immediately connect them to live agents who are your best bet to convert them when it counts
  • Optimize your Chatbots
    Chatbots are great, but they can’t compete with live sales agents for conversion rate. Lift AI will ensure that chatbots are deployed when they work best such as support, FAQ, and nurturing
  • Insightful Visitor Breakdowns
    See a breakdown of high, medium, and low buyer intent score visitors on your website, plus a look at which of those are being missed by your current chat program
  • Reveal Hidden Website Revenue
    See the aggregate revenue and conversion potential of your entire website at a glance - Lift AI uses chat conversion benchmark data to show you what you could be earning in seconds.
  • Visitor Segmentation Strategy
    Out-of-the-box, Lift AI segments your visitors by conversion score to help you prioritize your sales channels, but we can fine-tune each segment based on your available resources to get the most efficient usage.
  • Chatbot Optimization Strategy
    Now you know when to connect visitors to chatbots, but are your chatbots up to the task? Our team can optimize the design of your chatbots to improve conversions including scripts, playbooks, deployment strategies, and more.
  • Live Agent Outsourcing
    We know that live agents have the best chance of converting your visitors, but do you have live agents trained and ready to go? Lift AI can offer you fully outsourced live chat agents with full coverage depending on your needs.

Connect ready-to-buy visitors to your Drift agents immediately

Lift AI is configured out-of-the-box to integrate with Drift. Once visitors have been segmented by their buyer intent score, you can send high intent visitors to your live agents for the best chance of converting while the remaining visitors are treated with chatbots and other automated playbooks.
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Ready to turn anonymous visitors into revenue?

We stand by our numbers with confidence, and we make our fees contingent on delivering on our promises.

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