The only real-time, behavioral buyer intent technology

Lift AI uses first-party data and machine-learning to pinpoint buyer behavior that no other solution can surface as they navigate your site, even if they’re completely anonymous.
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“Lift AI increased our qualified leads by 168% in one month!”
John Walker, PointClickCare

Not all buyer intent is the same.

As Winston Churchill famously stated:

“Watch what people do. Behavior never lies”

The future of buyer intent data is not guessing which page views, content downloads, search terms or third party databases of contact data indicate intent.

Instead, you need to aggregate behavior across a visitor’s entire journey in real-time, which can only be processed by the machine-learning of Lift AI. 

Buyer Intent

(In-Market Intent, Lead Scoring, Account Data)
Captured and acted on in latent time
Works for known contacts/accounts only
Based on hypothesis-driven algorithms
Uses third-party data to calculate
Evaluates individual website actions

Lift AI Behavioral
Buyer Intent

(Pre-trained AI by billions of data points)
Captured and acted on in real-time
Works for known and anonymous visitors
Based on machine-learning intelligence
Uses first-party data to calculate
Evaluates aggregate website behavior

Lift AI works for every single visitor, even if they're completely anonymous with zero other data.

Most of your traffic is completely anonymous. ABM tools typically identify up to 30% of visitors, but can't reveal their real-time buyer intent - and completely miss the anonymous visitors.
Lift AI customers using Drift to engage visitors get 9x more conversions on average.
+88% New Pipeline
Formstack uncovered 88% more pipeline from their fully anonymous visitors.
5x Sales
A global B2B software company increased their sales team productivity by 5x

How Lift AI Works in 3 Steps

Focus your funnel, sales team, and workflows on your most promising visitors to lift more revenue, more efficiently.
All Traffic
High Intent
Visitor #2134
Medium Intent
Visitor #3112
Low Intent
Visitor #5167

1. Identify

Behavioral Buyer Intent Scoring

Behavior-based buyer intent tells you who's ready to convert and who's not as they navigate your website in real-time, all with over 85% accuracy.
Uncover Your Revenue Potential
Gain unprecedented visibility into the buying potential of all visitors, and therefore the full revenue potential of your website.
Reveal Anonymous Visitors
On average, 70% of your website visitors are new, unknown, and anonymous. Now you can determine their buyer intent which you couldn’t see before.
Enrich Known Visitors
Add buyer intent scores to your known and identified visitors to see who is actually going to buy, and prioritize them with your sales team.
Real-time Insights & Actions
Assign buyer intent scores with over 85% accuracy in real-time, then take action to convert those visitors before they leave the site.

2. Connect

Real-time Score Integrations

Lift AI connects buyer intent scores to your tools and sales resources so you can take action on each visitor and turn revenue lost into revenue lift - including chat, ABM, CRM, analytics, content personalization, marketing automation, retargeting, and more.
Diagram showing how Lift AI connects to various tools and technologies

Fulfill The Promise of Online Chat

Conversational marketing is a powerful vision, but hard to implement right. Lift AI helps you extract the full promise of chat.
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Strategize your playbook design to trigger based on intent, not page-based or complex rules.
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Personalize the customer experience for each visitor based on their intent and needs
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Get full visibility into analytics and insights that improve your intent-led strategy
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Increase sales productivity and efficiency by connecting them with buyers while deflecting non-buyers
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Get more sales team buy-in as ROI and sales team productivity improve

Get More ROI From Your Tools

Add Lift AI buyer intent scores to your existing toolsets to enrich their intelligence and improve performance.
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Enrich the account-based intelligence provided by your ABM tools with buyer intent
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Create high buyer intent retargeting lists, and avoid spending on the non-buyers
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See which ad campaigns are generating high intent visitors to optimize spend
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Store buyer intent scores in your CRM to prioritize which contacts to follow up first
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Trigger marketing automation based on each contact’s buyer intent level
Hi, do you have any questions about our software?
Anonymous visitor #2412
74 buyer intent score (High)

3. Engage

Convert, Nurture, and Deflect

Optimize your conversion funnel based on buyer intent to generate more pipeline, more efficiently than ever before.
Direct Buyers to Sales Teams
Ensure your sales team only engages visitors with a high propensity to buy right now, instead of chasing outbound leads or engaging low intent visitors.
Engage Buyers Before Competitors
Up to 50% of closed deals go to the first vendor to respond to customers. Lift AI lets you see and engage those buyers before they even begin.
Nurture The “Maybes” for Future Sales
Medium intent visitors can be directed to nurture programs including mid-stage content, email automation, or escalation bots.
Serve Non-Buyers to Automation
Direct your non-buyers to automated tools such as chatbots, support teams, or early stage content

Installs in minutes, ready to deliver ROI.

Lift AI can be installed in minutes using our out-of-the-box Google integration, or by pasting the Lift AI snippet of code in the header of your website.

We stand by our numbers with confidence, and we make our fees contingent on delivering on our promises.
Laptop showing dashboard of Lift Ai

Don’t miss another lost dollar, or another hidden buyer

Install Lift AI in just a few clicks, ready to start scoring the behavioral buyer intent of your website visitors in real-time.
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On average, Lift AI users convert 9x more