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+420% monthly recurring revenue

+85% Pipeline Uncovered

345% more revenue per visitor

+$1M incremental revenue in 12 months

"24% of our Conversations in Drift are with completely anonymous visitors that are scored High or Mid Intent by Lift AI. The effectiveness of Lift AI’s intent scoring is evident in the fact that those visitors represent 56% of our Drift Influenced Opportunities and they convert to Opportunity 4x more efficiently"

Jennifer Boudreau
Sr. Director, Revenue Operations at Intelex

“Personalization is at the heart of a great B2B sales experience and it’s most difficult when making a first impression with someone we haven’t met before. Lift AI helps our customers engage with buyers on their terms and powers the newest product in our platform, Drift Engage, with advanced AI capabilities."

Matt Tippets
SVP of Product at Drift

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Whether you're a chat tool, visitor intelligence tool, CRM, or any other martech solution, Lift AI can help by supplying the buyer intent score of every single website visitor in real-time.

On average, Lift AI customers get 9x more conversions. Could you be next?

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Lift AI Integrations

Lift AI's buyer intent scores can be can integrated with existing martech solutions to target hidden buyers and segment user experiences.
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Uncover the hidden value of your anonymous visitors

Lift AI's sophisticated AI model predicts every visitors' likelihood to buy or convert (known as 'buyer intent') with incredible accuracy, even if those visitors are completely anonymous.

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Convert ready-to-buy visitors in real-time

Lift AI automatically surfaces web visitors with a high buyer intent so your sales team can prioritize them through live chat (before visitors leave the site), while low buyer intent visitors are engaged with chatbots.

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Get 9X more conversions to pipeline

On average, Lift AI users get 9x more conversions on their website from chat to pipeline. By aligning buyer intent scores to the right chat experience, companies like PointClickCare and Formstack are getting incredible results.

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Supercharge your ABM, CRM, and other tools

Combine Lift AI's buyer intent score with your other intelligence tools to maximize their efficacy. For example, a high buyer intent visitor that is also a target account may be further prioritized in chat or follow-up.

Real-time buyer intent scoring

Lift AI uses a pre-trained machine-learning model to stand up a unique "buyer intent" score for every visitor that lands on your site, then updates that score based on the real-time behavior of each visitor. Scores are segmented into high, medium, and low automatically.
Illustration of Lift AI working with visitors coming through a conveyor belt then being sorted by their actions, then sent to the best experience including live agent or chatbot

Pre-trained with over 1 billion unique data points

Lift AI is the first buyer intent solution built upon 14 million historical sales chat interactions and 1 billion profiled web visitors, plus real-time behavioral analytics from Google, Adobe and more.
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“Lift AI is a fantastic partner. They have the experience and technical know-how to help us get the most from our Drift investment and accelerate our conversational marketing... Lift AI ensures our chatbots deliver a great customer experience and maximizes conversion"
Rodolfo Yiu
  —  Manager, Digital Marketing
“We chose Lift AI based on their proven machine learning model and extensive experience in sales chat optimization. The combination of Lift AI’s targeting model and chatbot optimization enabled PointClickCare to realize a 168% increase in qualified leads from chat in the first month!”
  —  Director Demand Marketing

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