Rethink Your Funnel: The Case for a Website-First Approach

Don Simpson

Executive Summary:

  • Urgent Shift Required: Most marketing and sales strategies heavily invest in top-of-funnel activities like advertising, while failing to capture the existing demand already on their websites.
  • Flipping the Funnel: It makes more sense to start with optimizing website conversion using AI to capture high intent buyers before spending more on driving new traffic to your website.
  • Only Possible With Website Buyer Intent: Lift AI enables real-time buyer intent identification, transforming website traffic into actionable opportunities without needing personal identification.
  • Proven, Repeatable Results: Companies like Loopio revolutionized their sales strategies by focusing on high-intent website visitors first, leading to 733% increases in meetings booked while increasing revenue and sales team efficiency. 
  • Only after their website demand was optimized for capture, they invested more in the top of funnel activities.  

It’s Time to Think Differently. Urgently…

In the last few years we’ve seen unprecedented levels of investment in marketing, with companies pouring over $1 trillion annually into attracting customers to their websites. 

However, shockingly, $19 of every $20 is spent on attracting visitors and only $1 on converting them

This inefficiency highlights a significant misalignment in traditional marketing strategies, which emphasize demand generation over demand capture. 

It's time to rethink this approach and consider why starting with your website—your primary customer touchpoint—is the key to transforming your sales outcomes.

When budgets are getting tighter, competition is getting fiercer, and customer experience expectations are higher, this has become an urgent concept to grasp. 

The Traditional Funnel: A Costly Oversight

Traditionally, marketing funnels focus on top-of-the-funnel activities: generating traffic through extensive and often expensive advertising campaigns, content marketing, ABM strategies, and social media outreach. 

This model operates under the assumption that more traffic leads to more conversions, overlooking the effectiveness of each visitor interaction. 

However, this "more is better" philosophy leads to a leaky funnel, where potential conversions are lost due to a lack of engagement with visitors who are already interested and navigating your website.

This is the costly oversight: leaving revenue on the table from ready-to-buy website visitors that haven’t had the right engagement to convert them. 

But Conversion Optimization Has Been Hard

Before funneling more budget into driving traffic, it’s essential to maximize the potential of the traffic you already have. This is where conversion optimization comes in. 

However, conversion optimization is hard

Marketing and sales teams have been trying to solve this problem for decades now, relying on tactics such as:

So, the traditional conversion optimization tactics can be ineffective, difficult to implement, time consuming, or expensive.

What if there was a way to seriously improve website conversion optimization, almost overnight?

It’s here where the solution can’t be just another tool, but a paradigm-shifting technology. We’ve all seen AI play a role in pivotal changes, and conversion optimization is no different.

By flipping the focus from traffic generation to conversion optimization, companies can enhance the effectiveness of their marketing spend, ensuring that visitors already interested in their offerings are not overlooked.

So, what is the paradigm-shifting technology?

The Only Solution: Website Buyer Intent

Lift AI stands at the forefront of this paradigm shift. Unlike traditional tools that focus on visitor identification (ID reveal) which works on an average of 30% of website visitors, Lift AI has figured out what really matters: buyer intent. 

Utilizing sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Lift AI analyzes the behavioral signals of every website visitor—known or anonymous—to assign real-time buyer intent scores. 

No other technology on the market can do this.

This method allows for precise targeting and engagement of potential buyers, transforming anonymous traffic into known opportunities.

Lift AI is a layer of intelligence that integrates with your existing tools - from online chat to ID reveal, pop-ups, content personalization, CRM, and more. 

With real-time website buyer intent scores in hand, your sales and marketing team can focus on converting the existing opportunities before investing in trying to create more overlooked opportunities. 

Example: Loopio’s 733% Shift

Loopio, a leader in RFP automation, exemplifies the success of this strategic shift. 

Initially, Loopio struggled with the common pitfalls of chat engagement strategies that either cast too wide a net or focused too narrowly on specific high-traffic pages like the pricing page. 

These methods failed to identify and engage the majority of high-intent visitors dispersed across other pages of the website, or relied on chatbots that are ineffective at selling.

Integrating Lift AI, Loopio was able to suddenly flip a switch.

Overnight, Lift AI started scoring every website visitor, enabling Loopio to identify and engage high-intent visitors across their entire website, not just those on conventional hotspots. 

The results were game-changing: a 733% increase in meetings booked, a clearer and more efficient sales pipeline, and significantly enhanced ROI from their existing traffic.

Many other companies have also experienced transformative results by integrating Lift AI into their digital strategies:

Beyond Conversion: The Wider Impact of Buyer Intent Data

Understanding buyer intent doesn’t just optimize current marketing efforts—it also provides a foundation for scalable growth. 

With clear insights into where and how potential buyers interact with your site, you can make informed decisions about where to allocate your marketing budget to maximize impact. 

This data-driven approach ensures that every dollar spent on top-of-the-funnel activities such as advertising and content creation is built on a solid understanding of your audience’s needs and behaviors.

For example, after you have exhausted the conversion opportunities on your website using Lift AI, you may be ready to invest more in top-of-funnel advertising. 

However, Lift AI can help you get more ROI on this advertising by looking at which campaigns are generating the most high intent visitors, so you can increase spend on those campaigns while reducing spend on campaigns that generate low intent visitors. 

Similarly, Lift AI can also help you with offsite activity, such as sales outreach and account prioritization. By combining Lift AI with your CRM or SEP, your sales team can understand which accounts last showed a high intent on your website, allowing them to prioritize those particular accounts and close deals faster. 

The Future of Marketing is Paradigm Shifts Like This

The integration of technologies like Lift AI into your marketing strategy represents more than just an improvement in efficiency—it’s a fundamental rethinking of how marketing should be conducted.

By flipping the funnel and focusing on converting existing interest into measurable revenue, companies can not only improve their immediate sales results but also set the stage for sustainable long-term growth.

As we look to the future, the question remains not about how much we can spend to generate demand, but how effectively we can convert the demand that’s already engaging with us. 

Lift AI offers a way to bridge this gap, turning anonymous site visitors into known buyers and reshaping the landscape of digital marketing to be more intelligent, more efficient, and more customer-centric than ever before.

And even better, you can access Lift AI today - request your free trial to get started.

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