How PointClickCare Got 4x More Conversions

By Lise Reddick, VP Product at Lift AI

The combination of Lift AI’s targeting model and chatbot optimization enabled PointClickCare to realize a 168% increase in qualified leads from chat in the first month!

John Walker
Director Demand Marketing

PointClickCare is the leading cloud-based software platform for the senior care market. Its customers include more than 21,000 long-term care, senior living communities, and home health agencies across North America.

PointClickCare had been using Drift's Conversational Marketing platform to convert more site visitors into leads, grow its sales pipeline, and ultimately increase revenue. It had proven to be an effective approach, converting 2.1% of the chats into qualified leads, which was more than 2x higher (.8%) than traditional website forms.

But, due to impact of COVID-19 on its target market, PointClickCare needed to reduce the outbound investment and double down on chat conversion. 

Lift AI uncovered three opportunities that could improve the conversions from their Drift program.

  1. PointClickCare needed a more precise way to differentiate new prospects from existing customers with login and support needs.
  2. Chatbots needed to be redesigned to create better alignment with the needs of visitors to improve the customer experience, reduce abandonment and increase conversions.
  3. A more dynamic live conversation – rather than a chat bot – was needed for high potential visitors to assist their website visitors

Lift AI uncovered solutions to these challenges by using its machine learning product to analyze the behavior of every website visitor, including anonymous ones, in real-time, and to predict their conversion potential. Additionally, due to Lift AI’s streamlined Drift Integration, PointClickCare was able to build different playbooks or live agent experiences to optimize conversion potential.

For PointClickCare, the Lift AI team aligned the chat experiences to segments of visitors based on the conversion potential. Visitors with low scores generally had support or simple requests. These were directed to Drift’s chatbots which automates frequently asked questions.

"To maximize the conversion of our existing website traffic, we engaged Lift AI to optimize our Drift implementation. We chose Lift AI based on their proven machine learning model and extensive experience in sales chat optimization".

- John Walker, Director Demand Marketing at PointClickCare

Visitors with high potential scores that needed a more dynamic conversation were immediately redirected to a live agent. By engaging these high potential visitors with an agent, abandonment rates decreased and conversion rates improved. As a result, conversions from chat to Sales opportunities improved by 4x!

This approach also reduced the normal amount of time required to follow up with leads, which improved overall business development representative (BDR) productivity, and resulted in 45% of high potential leads being qualified as Sales Ready.

At a time when PointClickCare needed the Drift chat channel to contribute more, adding Lift AI delivered a 4x increase in conversion rate within the first 90 days!

The combination of Lift AI’s targeting model and chatbot optimization enabled PointClickCare to realize a 168% increase in qualified leads from chat in the first month! One of the things we really like about working with Lift AI is the ongoing support we’re receiving to optimize the performance of our chatbot based on the actual behavior of our web visitors We are thrilled with the results and would recommend Lift AI to anyone who wants to drive more revenue from their sales chat program"

- John Walker, Director Demand Marketing at PointClickCare

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