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October 1, 2023

You Are Missing 70% Of Your Web Visitors! Here’s How to Find & Convert Them

Matthew Langie

You have visitors on your website right now who are demonstrating a strong intent to convert, but you can’t see them.

Allow me to explain why:

Traditional marketing tools only provide useful account-based intelligence for “known” visitors which represent up to 30% of your traffic on average. 

Why only 30%? 

Because tools such as ID reveal can only retrieve account information found in 1st, 2nd or 3rd party data sources, and those data sources don’t have every single one of your visitors profiled in them (and even if they did, that information could be outdated or inaccurate). 

Plus, tools that guess firmographic information such as IP address lookups are becoming less accurate for company names due to privacy issues and the growth of work from home. 

That means that on average you are missing 70% of your website traffic who are truly anonymous visitors.

Find Your 70% Anonymous Visitors With Real-Time Buyer Intent

So, how can you extract value from those anonymous visitors?

The solution is simple in theory, but has been historically impossible in practice.

What you need is to determine the buyer intent of every single visitor on your website, regardless of whether they are known accounts or not.

Buyer intent refers to the likelihood that a visitor or prospect will turn into a conversion or paying customer.

However, not all buyer intent is the same.

  • Some tools determine buyer intent as prospects searching for relevant keywords to your industry in a search engine.
  • Other tools determine buyer intent as simple website actions such as downloading an ebook on your website.

A breakthrough method of determining buyer intent looks at hundreds of different variables, all in real-time, and calculates a buyer intent score based entirely on website behavior using a machine learning model.

This modern methodology can only be possible due to machine learning. In fact, you should look at this article explaining exactly why machine learning trumps the subjective human bias inherent in other models.

There is only one solution that calculates buyer intent this way, and that is Lift AI.

Lift AI uses a machine learning model built upon billions of data points that predicts the buyer intent of every visitor, even if they are anonymous, with over 85% accuracy. Its model assigns each visitor a buyer intent score and then segments them into high intent, medium intent, and low intent - all in real-time.

Lift AI is account-agnostic, which means it does not require any firmographic, demographic, or contact information to assign accurate buyer intent scores - that’s why it can be used across 100% of your visitors to unlock their buyer intent including the anonymous 70%  as well as those 30% who are known.

Turn Your 70% of Anonymous Visitors Into Revenue

Once Lift AI has assigned real-time buyer intent scores to all visitors, here’s how you will convert them:

  • Engage high intent anonymous visitors with real-time chat tools
  • Create retargeting lists based on high intent visitor lists 
  • Determine which advertising is generating the most high intent visitors, then scale
  • Set up digital experience customization based on high intent visitors (e.g. personalized call to actions)

Engage high intent anonymous visitors with real-time chat tools

Lift AI integrates with all modern chat tools such as Drift, Intercom, and LivePerson so that you can deploy playbooks based on each visitor’s intent. For example:

  1. High buyer intent visitors can be directed immediately to live sales agents (who are better at converting visitors than chatbots)
  2. Medium buyer intent visitors can be greeted by a mix of escalation chatbots and live agents depending on your staffing and availability.
  3. Low buyer intent visitors can be directed to chatbots designed to nurture and support visitors.

Using this strategy, you can improve conversions from chat significantly, like PointClickCare did by 4x in 90 days. You no longer need to rely on simple, human-biased rules to deploy chat such as “Visitor is on the Pricing Page” - in fact, Lift AI has found that 64% of your high intent visitors don’t even go to the pricing page.

Improve retargeting performance

With buyer intent scores attached to visitor cookies, you can create lists of visitors and upload them into your retargeting advertising tools (such as Google Display Network).

For example, a list of visitor cookies containing medium to high intent visitors can be extracted from Google Analytics and then used to deploy sales-oriented display and text advertising, targeted to an interested database that spends less per visitor, without wasting spend on those who aren’t interested.

Improve social advertising performance

Similarly, marketers can use Lift AI intent scores to determine which of their social advertising is performing well. By using a source/medium report (inside of Google Analytics), marketers can see exactly which channels are generating medium to high intent visitors, which allows them to scale up spend and performance in those specific channels (while reducing spend in channels that generate only low intent visitors).

Improve digital experience tools

Improving the user/customer experience online has become increasingly important - especially when it comes to content personalization or curation. Use your tools like Adobe and Acquia to offer unique sales-oriented content to visitors with a high Lift AI buyer intent score. Similarly, you might offer support or nurturing content to those with a medium or low buyer intent score. Now you can match the experience to the user’s intent.

Plus, Enrich The Remaining 30% Of Known Visitors With Intent Data

As I mentioned at the start of this article, traditional marketing tools only provide useful account-based intelligence for known visitors which represent up to 30% of your traffic on average. 

We’ve seen how the 70% of anonymous visitors can be turned into revenue using Lift AI, but that doesn’t mean the remaining 30% of known visitors as identified by your existing tools can’t be significantly enhanced with Lift AI.

For example, Lift AI’s real-time buyer intent scores can be shared, streamed, or integrated with your other tools so help you:

  • Take action on high intent visitors who are also key accounts, prioritizing them as red-hot leads
  • Add a layer of confirmation to what your existing tools are telling you, helping you feel confident that your next lead is the right one to prioritize 
  • Open new opportunities for following-up with any high intent, known visitors in the form of marketing automation and CRM sales follow-up

If you want, take a few minutes to read an in-depth look at how the 30% of known visitors on your website can be enriched and enhanced by Lift AI.

Get 9x More Conversions

Below is a graphical representation of a website using Lift AI in an “intent-led” process. 

In this particular example, Lift AI is being used to segment and take action on the 70% of anonymous visitors plus enhance the remaining 30% of known visitors using existing tools.

Starting from the top left, visitors are funneled based on their real-time buyer intent as scored by Lift AI, then those buyer intent scores are folded into existing intelligence such as ABM programs which help marketers instantly connect with their most promising buyers and accounts. 

Any high intent accounts missed through chat can be followed up via CRM and MA programs, so sales teams can maximize their revenue opportunities. 

Any anonymous visitors with high intent that are missed through real-time chat can be used for retargeting to bring them back to the website.

And this is just one example among many of possible outcomes powered by Lift AI’s buyer intent scores. 

DiagramDescription automatically generated

Lift AI’s recent case study spanning 21 clients found that on average, Lift AI users get 9x more conversations from chat turned into pipeline.

Results like this are genuinely game-changing, and they’re often had in as little as 90 days.

Suddenly, marketing and sales teams both look smarter than ever while celebrating their improved performance. It’s a win, win.

It also finally settles the ongoing fight for lead quality.

Here’s what Formstack had to say about their success with Lift AI

“Leads captured through our Lift AI powered Drift playbooks consistently drive better pipeline and revenue per lead vs. all of our other lead capture tactics." -Bill MacKay, Manager Digital Performance Marketing @ Formstack

If you’re still not convinced, you can get in touch with us. Simply install the snippet of code and Lift AI will begin scoring the buyer intent of your website visitors right away.

Even better—Lift AI stands by their results, offering a fee structure based on performance to give you peace of mind.

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