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March 3, 2022

How can we make our fees contingent on your success?

Don Simpson

Our clients are often surprised that we offer a fee structure based on hitting performance targets. Not many technology companies offer that. 

The reason we can, and do offer performance-based fees is because we are just that confident in our AI model and support services. 

We’ve seen our technology deliver an average of 9x more conversions from tools such as Drift, so we’re clearly onto a winning formula.

With solid, repeatable results like that, we can stand by our numbers and even anchor our fees to them.

Reason #1: We built Lift AI for ourselves

Lift AI is a buyer intent solution that we created for our other company, MarketLinc - a global Conversational Commerce and Revenue Optimization Agency.

For the last 30 years, MarketLinc has generated multiple millions of dollars in incremental revenue for global clients such as AAA, Xerox, Microsoft, and Symantec, all on a pay-for-performance model.

In 2004, MarketLinc was one of the first companies to provide live sales chat as a service, taking advantage of their best-in-class sales experience.

When working with live sales chat clients, MarketLinc needed a way to improve conversational marketing performance to reach new targets and stretch goals. 

The biggest problem MarketLinc had was that we didn’t know which visitors would lead to a sale through chat, and which visitors just needed support or nurturing. 

Considering our entire pay-for-performance model was based on converting chat visitors into revenue, it was in our best interest to find a solution.

After years of research and development, we were able to build a successful model for determining the buyer intent of each visitor using artificial intelligence. MarketLinc already had millions of data points captured over years of business from working with clients (including chat data that led to real sales) - so it was the perfect data set to feed into an AI model.

Once the AI model started to work, the performance for MarketLinc was transformational. When it became obvious that everyone using chat could benefit from this technology, not just ourselves at MarketLinc, Lift AI was born.

Reason #2: The AI model is highly accurate

The only way we can make fees contingent on performance is if we know that we can genuinely hit performance targets. Clients and Lift AI alike don’t want to play guessing games, so it helps to set these goals and results using data.

Lift AI’s model has over 80% accuracy, meaning that for each visitor scored by their buyer intent, over 80% of the assigned scores are accurate. 

Armed with accuracy and the ability to scale, Lift AI is able to assess any given website’s traffic, then forecast the most likely results from implementing our buyer intent model with a high degree of accuracy.

Reason #3: We’ve got results like this before

The last piece of the puzzle behind our performance-based fees is repeatable success. Lift AI results have even exceeded our own expectations. An example of this is that on average, Drift clients using Lift AI are getting 9x more conversations that become pipeline.

We’ve also delivered 88% more pipeline for Formstack and increased leads generated by PointClickCare by 4x in just 90 days. 

To summarize, there are 3 main reasons we can offer you a fee dependent on success:

  1. We built the model for ourselves working as a performance based agency, so we were financially motivated to improve our own success. Working on a performance basis is in our DNA so we can continue this approach for you.
  2. The AI model is highly accurate, which means our forecasts inspire confidence and make the results much more certain.
  3. We’ve had repeatable success with clients, we know it works, and we help you execute to ensure the outcomes and your success.

Even better than talking fees - you can try Lift AI for $0 across 30 days. We’ll prepare a Revenue Assessment at the end of those 30 days to show you what your results forecast would be, all for free. If you still have questions, you can talk to us right here

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