Chronus Combined 6Sense + Lift AI to Increase Sales Efficiency by 11.6x

By Lise Reddick, VP Product at Lift AI

Executive Summary:

  • In 2022, Chronus implemented Lift AI and uncovered 85% of their pipeline from fully anonymous visitors on their website
  • After maximizing the opportunity from those hidden anonymous buyers, Chronus looked to enhance their 6Sense implementation with Lift AI
  • Chronus added the Lift AI buyer intent score of individual website visitors to the ‘Buying Stage’ each Target Account was at inside of 6sense to prioritize the engagement of High Intent individual prospects    
  • By combining Lift AI individual buyer intent scores to Target Accounts that were in a 6Sense Buying Stage and were ID revealed on the website, Chronus was able to increase their conversion to pipeline from 3.4% to 39.3%
  • This not only increased revenue and pipeline, but maximized the ROI on their 6Sense investment and improved sales team efficiency by 11.6x! 

Chronus is an employee-driven development platform, delivering mentoring and ERG software and services that unleash the full potential of people in the workplace. Powering successful mentoring for Amazon, Uber, L'Oréal, McGraw Hill, Nationwide Children's Hospital, University of Washington and more, Chronus' award-winning software helps organizations reach their greatest potential through their people

Better Together: Lift AI & 6Sense

If your business uses an ABM solution such as 6Sense, then you’re likely leaving revenue on the table.

What 6Sense Does Well

6Sense does a fantastic job of defining your potential market, determining which accounts fit your ICP, keeping you updated on the in-market activity of those accounts, and letting you know when one of those accounts are on your website.

6Sense will also segment your target accounts into “Buying Stages” based on their in-market activity - from Awareness through to Purchase.

What Lift AI Does Well

Lift AI is all about website buyer intent rather than wider in-market intent. The focus is solely the behavior of your website visitors, which is analyzed and scored in real-time using Lift AI’s proprietary machine learning model. 

Lift AI will predict the conversion likelihood of each and every visitor as they navigate your website in that exact moment.

Here’s the kicker: Lift AI works for every visitor, including completely anonymous visitors and any identified accounts. A typical website with a strong ABM implementation like 6Sense has an average of 70% anonymous visitors, and 30% identified visitors.

Adding Lift AI Buyer Intent Scores to 6Sense Buying Stages for 11.6x Conversions

By integrating Lift AI’s real-time buyer intent scores with 6Sense, Chronus (a leading mentoring software solution) was able to hone in on individuals from target accounts that are in a 6sense buying stage, that are also showing high conversion intent on their website in real-time.

The result?

A far more distinct and actionable segment of target accounts that could be engaged and converted using Drift live chat in real-time before those accounts moved on to competitors. 

Let’s take a look at the numbers. By adding Lift AI buyer intent scores to 6Sense, Chronus was able to increase their sales conversion rate from lead to opportunity by 11.6x (3.4% without Lift AI to 39.3% with Lift AI).

This allowed their sales team to focus their resources on a “bullseye” segment of visitors and deliver an enormous increase in sales efficiency.

Not only did Chronus improve their pipeline, revenue and conversion rate - they also maximized their ROI in 6Sense while dramatically improving the productivity of their sales team. 

Want to see how Lift AI can do the same for your 6Sense or ABM implementation? Sign up for a free 30 day Proof of Concept to get started. 

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