May 13, 2024

Supercharge Your B2B Prospecting with Lift AI’s Buyer Intent Data

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B2B sales prospecting is a competitive field that’s rife with many challenges. Sales channels have shifted from mono channel to multichannel. B2B customers want experiences that blend human and digital. The advent of new digital technologies has also reshaped the B2B landscape. 

A B2B prospecting tool like Lift AI can address these challenges and transform your sales prospecting. 

The Challenges of Traditional B2B Sales Prospecting

Traditional B2B prospecting faces common challenges, but AI presents a solution for each, including: 

Challenge: Finding qualified leads or high-intent potential customers 

Solution: Lift AI analyzes and scores the behavioral data of all website visitors to determine how likely each is to convert. This lets you engage high-intent sales leads at crucial times so you can close more deals.

Challenge: Time-consuming research and data entry

Solution: With Lift AI, you can say goodbye to manual research and data entry, as the buyer intent scores are calculated automatically in real-time. This helps you save time and improves the efficiency and productivity of your sales team.

Challenge: Low conversion rates from cold outreach

Because Lift AI can find hidden buyers on your website right now, you can pivot your sales resources to exhausting the conversion potential of your website before investing more in outreach. 

How Lift AI Revolutionizes B2B Sales Prospecting Tools

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Lift AI leverages machine learning to identify high-intent prospects. With over 85% accuracy, Lift AI:

  • Shows you the buying potential of all website visitors
  • Accurately scores buyer intent in real time for both anonymous and known visitors
  • Scores are between 0-100 and can be segmented into low, medium, and high

This sales prospecting software also integrates with popular chat platforms like Drift, Hubspot Chat, Intercom, and LivePerson. This lets you:

  • Uncover each website visitor’s buyer intent
  • Trigger conversational marketing for different segments 
  • Engage high intent visitors in real time with your live sales agents
  • Nurture, support, and escalate medium and low intent visitors with chatbots

Lift AI uses proprietary machine learning backed by MarketLinc’s three decades of experience and data (including over 1 billion data points). 

Due to the highly accurate and real-time nature of its scoring, it not only helps you increase sales and sales team efficiency, but it helps you win sales before your competitors do. 

Uncover Hidden Buyers on Your Website

The buyer intent scoring system identifies high-potential prospects based on their real-time behavior on your website. This enables you to deliver more proactive and personalized engagement for each segment, aligning the experience with the visitor’s intent. 

For instance, you can engage ready-to-convert visitors by immediately routing them to your live agents. Lower-intent visitors will also receive customized engagement through automated chatbots and early-stage support, with the goal of nurturing them towards sales over time. 

Improve Sales Efficiency and Productivity 

Lift AI’s B2B prospecting tool allows you to engage all hidden buyers based on their real-time buyer intent. So, by routing high intent visitors to your live sales agents, they end up spending their time solely on converting likely prospects rather than wasting time with non-buyers. 

Companies like Truckstop have implemented Lift AI to increase sales efficiently by 2.5x. 

Other Lift AI Customer Success Stories

This shows the positive reviews and results that Lift AI customers, such as Intelex and Drift, achieved.

Intelex saw 56% of opportunities come from Lift AI

B2B company, Intelex, saw 24% of their conversations with mid or high intent visitors turn into 56^ og their opportunities. Furthermore, those visitors converted 4x more efficiently than the baseline before Lift AI.

Integrate Lift AI with Your Existing Tech Stack

Lift AI’s continuous optimization ensures you get maximum ROI and increased conversions. With this sales intelligence platform, you can better focus on your funnel and workflows on medium to high-intent visitors. 

Lift AI seamlessly integrates with various enterprise chat solutions and CRMs, including:

  • Drift Engage
  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot
  • Unbounce
  • 6Sense
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Furthermore, the onboarding is straightforward. Sign up for a free trial and follow the guidelines here. In just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to uncover insights from buyer intent data. Aside from easy setup and onboarding, you also get a dedicated customer success team. 

Get Started with Lift AI Today

Many B2B companies like Kaspersky and Chronus use Lift AI to transform their lead generation processes. Lift AI has helped them uncover significant benefits, such as an increase in average revenue per visitor and improved sales efficiency by 11.6x

Look at the live-action demo to get a more in-depth look at Lift AI’s capabilities. Lift AI offers flexible pricing plans, allowing businesses of all sizes to uncover new revenue opportunities. Add Lift AI to your marketing stack. Start harnessing the full potential of buyer intent data and elevate your lead generation efforts. 

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