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May 31, 2022

Demandbase vs. 6sense: What’s Better for Account-Based Marketing?

Albert Finder

Modern sales and marketing professionals know the importance of automating repetitive and manual tasks as well as leveraging tools that improve the overall sales process, such as account-based marketing platforms. 

Account-based marketing (ABM) has over the years become the default way to approach B2B sales. ABM not only aligns sales and marketing efforts in constructing buying journeys in B2B organizations, it also defines a more specific target audience as well as a broader market strategy. 

One of the key considerations in pivoting toward ABM is selecting the right account-based marketing software that would combine new sales prospecting as well as existing CRM data and integrate digital marketing campaigns. 

Two of the most promising ABM engagement platforms on the market today are Demandbase and 6sense. Let’s compare them and see which one might be right for you and why. 

Why Compare Demandbase and 6sense?

To any sales team that’s looking for a new ABM platform, Demandbase and 6sense would seem very similar at first glance. Both products help improve your buyer journeys, integrate with CRMs, feature advertising capabilities, and more. Both platforms are also among the most highly rated in their market.

So how do you choose? Once you analyze Demandbase and 6sense one by one, you realize there are differences in their own market segment targeting too. 

How Demandbase Affects Predictable Revenue Growth

Demandbase is an all-in-one account-intelligence tool that wants to incorporate all aspects of sales and marketing. This platform works with a ton of attributes, from firmographic to technographic to keywords to news, etc. 

With its ABX (account-based experience) Cloud, Demandbase is able to identify in-market accounts that are a good fit for your criteria right now. It can also automate lots of manual and repetitive marketing tasks.

Since adding AI capabilities, Demandbase can even suggest personalized digital experiences for key accounts, such as industry insights based on initial sales conversations. 

Most importantly, Demandbase gets its data from thousands of sources and continuously updates it, so you can be sure that you always have the latest information at your disposal. 

Key features

  • 19+ million companies in the database
  • 100+ million B2B contacts worldwide
  • 500+ billion intent signals analyzed every month
  • Plug-and-play integrations with leading marketing & sales apps

How 6sense Drives Customer Engagement Across All Segments

Like Demandbase, 6sense also positions itself as an ABX platform that works for sales reps just as well as for digital marketing professionals. 

Unlike Demandbase, the primary goal of 6sense is to shine the light on all the hidden elements of your buyer journey, across channels. 

To start, 6sense analyzes all existing customer relationships from your CRM. Then it suggests related accounts from its own database and adds them to the buyer journey (similar to tools like Terminus). After that, 6sense makes it easy to tailor digital experiences, such as email marketing, to high-value prospects. 

6sense also provides your sales stack (anything from Salesforce to HubSpot to Drift) with AI-assisted insights, such as the names of companies that have visited your website.

Key features

  • An average of 40% increase in conversions from opportunities to closed deals
  • Shining the light on the 70% of the buyer journey that happens behind the scenes
  • Effortless campaign and audience research for digital advertising
  • Seamless integration with most marketing and sales tools

Is Demandbase or 6sense Better for Revenue Teams? 

6sense is the leader in the ABX space, offering a unified sales and marketing experience. However, Demandbase is very close in terms of feature parity. 

Both platforms are well-established in the industry and are highly rated by sales and marketing professionals across the board. When it comes to pricing, it varies based on your exact needs, but they are very similar. 

So what do you choose? Our suggestion is to try both. If you contact these companies, you can ask for a free trial, in which you’ll be able to evaluate all features based on your real data and tech stack. 

Improving your account-based marketing strategy with Demandbase or 6sense will help determine high-value prospects to focus your sales efforts on, but how about potential clients that are on your website right now? 

It’s likely that you’re losing revenue simply because you don’t know which of your website visitors are ready to buy — there’s no automated sales qualification process. Knowing real-time buyer intent would be an invaluable addition for any conversational marketing platform. 

How to Add Company & Target Audience Intent

To transform 6sense or Demandbase into a true omnichannel ABM martech execution machine, you need a buyer-intent tool, such as Lift AI,  that would identify how likely every website visitor is to buy your product or service. 

Lift AI is a unique solution for identifying true buyer intent in real time. Able to leverage any sales or marketing tools (such as Demandbase or 6sense), Lift AI works on a machine-learning model that’s been trained on billions of data points and over 14 million live sales interactions. 

This tool is able to identify every single visitor on your website with 85% accuracy, even if they are completely anonymous and are not recorded in your CRM. 

The way Lift AI helps your sales reps is by automatically segmenting visitors with high buyer intent and connecting them directly through chat. At the same time, medium- and low-intent visitors can be delegated to a nurturing bot or a self-help guide. 

Key features 

  • Identify 9% (on average) of your traffic that has high buyer intent
  • Works with any sales or marketing automation platform
  • Analyzes both first- and third-party data
  • Compliant with privacy regulations
  • No training or coding skills required
  • A free 30-day trial

Best of all, you start seeing the results of Lift AI right away and, within 90 days, you can improve your chat conversions anywhere from two to 10 times. 

Lift AI clients such as PointClickCare saw 400% growth, while Formstack increased its chat conversions by 88%

Get started with your free 30-day trial. No IT involvement or coding required — just copy-paste a small JavaScript snippet to your website. That’s how you can leverage real-time buyer intent and increase conversions at the same time.

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