May 8, 2022

Top 6sense Alternatives or Enhancements for ABM Insights

Albert Finder

In traditional separation between sales and marketing teams in B2B environments, everyone pursues any leads they can get their hands on. Lots of outbound calls and generalized marketing campaigns take place every day.

With ABM (or account-based marketing), the strategy shifts from working with separate leads (people) to focusing on key accounts (companies). As a result, marketing and sales teams unify their approach to pipeline management. 

To successfully integrate ABM into your company, you need a powerful account-based marketing platform, such as 6sense. 

How 6sense Helps Marketing & Sales

One of the key features of marketing systems like 6sense is that they shine the light on the leads you already have when they visit your website to help you understand who they are and what’s the best way to approach them.

6sense divides its robust features into a three-stage process: 

  1. Capture enriches your CRM with more data about your visitors and tries to decipher the hints along the buyer journey that would indicate interest
  2. Target uses a predictive analytics engine to help select promising accounts and develop personalized engagement for better sales outcomes
  3. Boost integrates 6sense into your sales and marketing stack — whether it’s a Salesforce CRM, HubSpot marketing, or a Drift chat — to bring enhanced intelligence to the tools you already use

Seems like this platform should work well for predictable revenue growth. So why look for 6sense alternative and competitors?

Why Should Companies Consider 6sense Alternatives? 

Even though 6sense can improve your marketing analytics and boost your marketing efforts, it can’t replace your whole sales and marketing software stack. 

There may be other platforms on the market today that might work better for you for a variety of reasons (e.g. price, integrations, particular functionality), there are also lots of tools that do one thing well and integrate seamlessly with each other, creating customized solutions on the fly. 

Here are five solutions that might enhance or be suitable alternatives for you when you’re considering signing up for a platform like 6sense. 

Visual Visitor: In-Market Intent From Potential Customers

Close to 98% of visitors leave your website without ever contacting you or sharing any information about themselves. Tools like Visual Visitor help you uncover and recover some of them. 

Visual Visitor is a B2B sales intelligence platform that works across your website and email engagements, and provides accurate data about your contacts and their level of interest in your offering. 

The goal of Visual Visitor is to enable your BDRs to reach out to prospects much earlier in their buyer journey, spend less time looking for the right contact information, and reduce the number of stalled conversations due to the lack of interest.


  • Over 540 million contacts in the database
  • Up to 66% of contact details updated every year
  • Data policies comply with CCPA and other international regulations
  • Keyword and path data for the most valuable website visitors
  • Email addresses, phone numbers, company data, and more to engage with sales prospects more effectively

Demandbase: Better Account Intelligence for Sales Employees

If you want to make decisions based on comprehensive data, Demandbase is a formidable option. This platform integrates in-market intent data with your CRM contacts as well as third-party sources and lets you apply all of it to your buyer journeys. 

The goal of Demandbase is to minimize the gap between sales and marketing professionals, and to grow annual revenue for B2B companies. It helps remove stagnant data, discover new opportunities, and detect high-value accounts. 

In addition, you get marketing automation, advertising capabilities, and predictive analytics — all in one place. 


  • Over 40 million companies in the database
  • Over 100 million contacts that get frequently refreshed
  • First- and third-party data sources used (for in-market intent data)
  • Data sources from news and social media
  • Nearly 400 billion identification signals processed annually 

LeadSift: 360-Degree View of Users and Businesses

One of the most important aspects of B2B sales is reaching the right leads at the right time. This is exactly what LeadSift helps you do. 

LeadSift is an intent data provider that gives you a complete view of the buyer journey, so you can reach decision-makers when they are actively looking for a new product or service. 

With LeadSift, you can define search parameters for potential customers, and the tool will use third-party data from the public web to find customers who have signalled intent to buy or have been recently talking to your competitors. 


  • 80 million intent signals processed every week
  • 20 million companies and 30 million contacts in the database
  • Integrations with any sales tools, from Marketo to Pipedrive

Terminus: Engagement-Based & Revenue-Driven ABM

Scaling ABM strategies across multiple channels is not an easy task. There are too many moving parts, target accounts slip through the cracks, and it takes too much time to make sense of the data. 

Terminus is a native multi-channel ABM platform that helps you create, accelerate, and close more deals in the pipeline. It supports full-funnel proactive engagement driven by marketing activities across digital advertising, web personalization, email, and chat. 


  • A data studio with psychographic, behavioural, firmographic, and first-party CRM data on over 70 million companies
  • Actionable insights for your ICPs (e.g. biotech startups located in the United States with 200+ employee count)
  • Accurate results of your marketing efforts for your revenue team

Lift AI: Real-Time Intent for All Buyers

While there are lots of sales tools with great user reviews, none get close enough to the holy grail of sales — real-time buyer intent — except for Lift AI. 

Lift AI is an intelligence layer that provides actionable and accurate real-time buyer intent data. Its platform is powered by a unique machine-learning model trained on billions of data points and over 14 million live sales interactions. 

As a result, Lift AI identifies website visitors with the highest buyer intent (averages around 9% of the overall traffic) with over 85% accuracy. 

Lift AI can be integrated with a variety of sales tools (including those described above) and has a deep history of delivering dramatic results by using it with chat. 

Once you install Lift AI, it’ll automatically start to segment high-intent visitors to speak with your BDRs through chat (any platform you use), while delegating medium- and low-intent visitors to a nurturing bot or a self-help guide. You can also further segment and build unique experiences for visitors based on the real time behavioural intent on your website combined with the insight gained from the products discussed above.


  • Real-time buyer intent detection
  • Works with any chat tool you already use (e.g. Drift, LivePerson)
  • Interprets both first- and third-party data
  • Integrations with ABM, CRM, and marketing automation tools
  • No training or coding skills required to use or install
  • Free 30-day trial

Using Lift AI, companies have seen their chat conversions grow anywhere from two to 10 times within 90 days. Take a look at PointClickCare which reported 400% growth, for example. 

Get started with Lift AI free for 30 days. No credit card or IT involvement required. Just paste a JavaScript snippet to your website and take advantage of real-time buyer intent to increase your pipeline conversions.

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