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April 17, 2024

Anonymous Website Visitors Are Now Your Best Prospects

Don Simpson

In 2024, your biggest — and most overlooked — revenue opportunity is hidden on your website in the form of anonymous visitors. While many businesses pour resources into attracting more traffic, they often neglect the silent majority already browsing their pages. This oversight is not just a missed opportunity; it's a gap in your revenue strategy waiting to be closed.

Don’t believe it? We have the numbers to prove it:

Anonymous visitors not only deliver the largest amount of pipeline and revenue, but counter to most people's perceptions, they are also the most sales efficient. Companies are spending big money to create more demand while not capturing enough of the demand they already have now. This translates into lost pipeline opportunities and prospective leads who are ready to convert, but they're being overlooked and ignored.

According to Marketo, 98% of potential customers on corporate websites are completely anonymous unless they register, subscribe to a newsletter, or fill out a form with their contact information. Without anonymous visitor tracking, you're left to rely on chance for unknown visitors to progress through your marketing funnel.

Most marketers have been trying to solve this problem by identifying who those visitors are through ID reveal or using ineffective engagement tools to try to bridge the gap. However, ID reveal only works for 30% of your traffic on average, and it doesn’t tell you how likely that account is to buy — so does it really solve the anonymous visitor problem?

Limitations of Traditional Engagement Tools

Most successful online businesses understand the golden rule of online conversions: engage visitors in real time while they're on the site. After a visitor leaves, the conversion window narrows significantly. 

However, the reality is nuanced — not all interactions are created equal, and here's why:

  1. Limited sales team capacity: Sales teams cannot possibly engage with every visitor without compromising sales efficiency. Engaging blindly can lead to wasted time on low-potential leads, which is neither scalable nor cost-effective. This forces businesses to be strategic about whom they engage and when.
  2. Chatbots can miss the mark: On the flip side, relying solely on automated chatbots to handle every visitor can backfire. While chatbots provide real-time interaction, simply relaying information without understanding the buyer's intent and context can lead to missed opportunities and frustrated potential customers. Good selling is consultative and is as much about asking the right questions as it is about giving the right answers. High intent leads, who are closer to making a purchase decision, especially need a nuanced approach that bots cannot provide. 
  3. Nobody likes forced email capture: Forcing first-time visitors to provide an email address before connecting with a live sales representative creates a barrier to entry and can sabotage sales by up to 80%. If your sales team can't handle every lead, this approach leaves valuable opportunities untapped.

As a result, your sales team misses out on sales, your customers miss out on a personalized, real-time experience, and your website misses out on potential revenue.

So, what's the alternative when you don't know who your anonymous visitors are? The answer is not in revealing their name or email address but in understanding their buying intent. You need to analyze not only who visits your website but also why they are there, as expressed by their online behavior.

The Power of Behavioral Intent

A cache of anonymous buyers lies within the vast sea of anonymous website visitors. These individuals possess a strong desire to purchase your product or service but have yet to reveal their identity. Understanding their buyer intent — the underlying motivations driving their online behavior — is the key to unlocking their conversion potential. For example, Payscale discovered that 72% of their high intent anonymous visitors created 54% of their pipeline. 

Think of it like a bustling department store. Experienced salespeople can quickly decode a customer's intent based on subtle cues — browsing patterns, lingering product interactions, or body language. This allows them to tailor the shopping experience, offering personalized assistance or highlighting promotions relevant to the customer's needs.

But, in the digital world, identifying these high-intent buyers among anonymous visitors presents a significant challenge. Traditional analytics only paint a broad picture, leaving businesses blind to individual visitor motivations.

Despite these visitors being anonymous, valuable insights can still be gained through their “digital body language,” which you can use to evaluate their actual conversion potential.

You could dramatically increase the number of new business opportunities when you take steps to identify anonymous website visitors through their buyer intent. 

This allows businesses to shift beyond generic marketing tactics and create targeted experiences that resonate with each individual's specific needs. Buyer intent data empowers businesses to bridge the gap between anonymity and conversion, transforming anonymous visitors into satisfied customers.

How Website Buyer Intent Unlocks Anonymous Conversions

The holy grail of online marketing is delivering the perfect digital experience to every visitor, regardless of anonymity. The key to achieving this lies in buyer intent, which is understanding the visitor's underlying motivations and purchase desires before any interaction occurs.

Traditional methods often rely on visitor identification tools to reveal visitor identities and tailor marketing campaigns or sales outreach using methods like chat, pop-ups, forms content, personalization, A/B testing, and landing pages. These approaches often fall short because:

  1. One-size-fits-all is ineffective. Most tools rely on a “spray and pray” approach, such as pop-ups on the homepage or engage-all chat programs, which aren’t aligned to specific user needs and fall short on engagement.
  2. Targeting pathways is too narrow. We have customers with more than  77,000 pathways to purchase. So, targeting just a few or placing chat only on the pricing page misses up to 88% of buyers on other pages.
  3. Existing tools use arbitrary guesswork. Who determines that a visitor on the pricing page means buyer intent? The foundation of existing tools is rooted in human bias rather than machine-learning model accuracy.

While account-based marketing (ABM) is effective for known high-value accounts, this approach has a significant limitation: it only works for a portion of your website traffic. Studies show that identification techniques can only reveal the complete profiles of around 30% of visitors, leaving the vast majority — the anonymous 70% — invisible and untapped.

Plus, ABM strategies aren’t applicable for B2C businesses or those targeting more transactional B2B customers. To truly capitalize on the revenue potential of your entire website audience, you need a solution that goes beyond identity.

To take full advantage of visitors’ buying intent (even the ones that remain anonymous), businesses have to be able to: 

  • Detect all visitors' purchase intent signals (in real time). Think of it as digital body language.
  • Group visitors based on their buying intent — low, medium, and high. This allows you to tailor the online experience to their specific needs.
  • Craft personalized engagement strategies for each segment based on buyer intent data. This optimizes website performance, improves customer experience, and ultimately boosts conversions by proactively addressing visitor expectations.

Until recently, deciphering buyer intent for anonymous visitors was a daunting task. Businesses would meticulously create many customer journeys and scripts based on various criteria. These efforts were not only incredibly time-consuming but also yielded inaccurate results.

Today, advancements in AI and big data pave the way for a more efficient approach. By applying machine-scoring AI models to analyze the behavior of all website visitors — regardless of anonymity — we can achieve reliable buyer intent scores. This unlocks a powerful new way to convert anonymous visitors into loyal customers.

Turn Anonymous Traffic into Valuable Revenue Streams

“On average, 9.8% of website visitors have a strong buying intent. If you have thousands of visitors every month, that’s a lot of revenue to capture.”

— Lise Reddick, Lift AI

It’s ideal to convert high-quality, warm leads in real time while they are actively engaged with the website to maximize conversions. Without artificial intelligence, it is impossible to determine the buyer intent of anonymous visitors and determine which ones to engage with.

To identify key decision-makers and assess buyer intent instantly, artificial intelligence processes hundreds of real-time data attributes, such as referral URLs, page views, time spent on pages, page sequencing, etc. By analyzing these against a pre-trained AI model based on billions of historical data points, including logged visitor profiles and real chat interactions, we can accurately predict a visitor's conversion probability over 85% of the time.

Lift AI: Revealing Buyer Intent with Unparalleled Accuracy

This is where Lift AI comes into play. It’s the only real-time, behavioral buyer intent technology that can help you turn anonymous website traffic into revenue.

Lift AI uses first-party data and machine learning to pinpoint buyer behavior that no other solution can surface as they navigate your site. 

"24% of our Conversations in Drift are with completely anonymous visitors that are scored High or Mid Intent by Lift AI. The effectiveness of Lift AI’s intent scoring is evident in the fact that those visitors represent 56% of our Drift Influenced Opportunities and they convert to Opportunity 4x more efficiently."

— Jennifer Boudreau, Sr. Director, Revenue Operations at Intelex

Here's how Lift AI revolutionizes intent scoring:

  • Unveiling the anonymous buyer: Unlike traditional lead scoring tools that only work for identified website visitors, Lift AI illuminates the previously overlooked world of anonymous traffic, which typically represents 70-98% of your traffic. It analyzes the behavior of every visitor, regardless of whether they've filled out a form, revealing hidden purchase intent and uncovering a vast pool of qualified leads.
  • The science of buyer intent: Lift AI's secret weapon is its sophisticated machine-learning model, built upon billions of data points, and hundreds of millions of purchases, that predicts every visitor's buyer intent—even if they are anonymous—with over 85% accuracy. The model assigns each visitor a buyer intent score based on their micro-behaviors and then segments them into high intent, medium intent, and low intent in real time. Because Lift AI is pre-trained and ready to go, it provides speed to value for customers almost immediately.
  • Real-time engagement for maximum impact: Traditional lead scoring often provides a static snapshot of a visitor's interest after they have already left. Lift AI overcomes this limitation with dynamic buyer intent scores. These scores update as visitors navigate your website, allowing you to engage with them through a segmented chat experience or personalization at the precise moment their interest peaks on the website.
  • Supercharges your existing tools: Lift AI’s scores can strengthen your other tools, including ABM, CRM, SEP, marketing automation, and remarketing by integrating website buyer intent scores with their data.

Lift AI isn't just another tool in your sales stack. It's a game-changer for how you approach potential customers.

  • Sales and resource efficiency: Lift AI isn't about just throwing leads at your sales team; it's about serving up the hot ones that are ready to close. This means your team can convert more with less—less time, less hassle, and less chasing after maybes.
  • Broader sales funnel: Think about all those anonymous faces browsing your site. Lift AI doesn’t just spot them, it figures out who's actually ready to buy, even if you don’t have their name or number yet. It's like adding a secret layer to your ABM strategy that pulls in qualified leads you didn’t even know were there.

Lift AI doesn't just score leads; it transforms your lead generation and sales strategy. By unlocking the secrets of buyer intent with unparalleled accuracy, you can convert more website visitors — anonymous or identified — into paying customers.

Lift AI's Impact: Capturing Over Half of Payscale's Pipeline and 85% for Chronus

The power of identifying high-intent website visitors is a game-changer. Intent data allows businesses to target potential customers who are actively researching solutions — those most likely to convert. 

Lift AI takes this concept a step further, empowering businesses to not only identify high-potential customers but also engage them in real time on their websites. But how does this translate into tangible results? Let's dive into the success stories of some of our clients:

Chronus: 85% Pipeline from Anonymous Visitors

In 2022, Lift AI unearthed an 85% anonymous visitor goldmine for Chronus. Wanting to optimize their 6sense setup, they integrated Lift AI's real-time intent scores with 6sense's data. This enriched Target Accounts, allowing them to prioritize high-intent leads within identified buying stages. The result? A skyrocketing conversion rate (3.4% to 39.3%), boosting revenue, pipeline, and sales team efficiency by 11.6x.

PointClickCare: 168% More Qualified Leads in 30 Days

PointClickCare, a leader in the healthcare software industry, wanted to supercharge their lead generation efforts. They integrated Lift AI with Drift, a popular chat platform, and the results were phenomenal. Within 30 days, they achieved a staggering 168% increase in qualified leads

"Our goal for ARR from chat for the first year was to generate $50-$100K. In the first year, we were able to attribute over $1M in incremental recurring revenue to Lift AI."

— John Walker, Director of Demand Marketing at PointClickCare

Lift AI's machine learning model identified high-intent visitors on PointClickCare's website, allowing them to convert existing website traffic at a 4x higher rate. This translates to a significant boost in their sales pipeline and a faster path to closed deals.

Truckstop: 27x ROI in Five Months

In just the first month, Truckstop saw a 3.8x ROI after integrating Lift AI, which quickly identified high-intent anonymous visitors, driving both sales efficiency and revenue. By month five, the strategy had matured to deliver an unprecedented 27x ROI, proving the efficacy of Lift AI's approach in optimizing the sales funnel.

These are just a few examples of how Lift AI is helping businesses across various industries and verticals to achieve dramatic results. By leveraging Lift AI's real-time buyer intent scoring and personalized engagement capabilities, you, too, can unlock the hidden potential in your website traffic, convert more leads, and propel your business to new heights.

Ready to See What Lift AI Can Do for Your Business? 

Request a free trial and experience how Lift AI's insights can transform your sales pipeline and propel your business forward. Lift AI is easy and risk-free to try, and works seamlessly with many of the tools you already use. 

In just 5 minutes, you can unlock the real-time buyer intent of every anonymous visitor online and start seeing results in less than 30 days. Shorten your time to market, value, and ROI with Lift AI.

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