March 11, 2024

Transform Your Sales with Lift AI's “Lead Scoring” Software

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Too often, engaged website visitors turn into lost opportunities. Leads get lost in the sales funnel. Sales teams don’t get the chance to engage with potential customers, as they’ve already closed the tab (and with it, any chance to convert). 

It’s a problem that could be leaving big revenue on the table for your business.

An effective lead scoring software aims to circumvent this, scoring how likely your prospects are to buy based on a criteria set, allowing you to tune your sales strategy accordingly—turning data into actionable insights for smarter customer engagement. 

That’s what Lift AI – the leading tool in predictive lead scoring – is here to do.

Our system is designed to forever change how you identify and qualify leads, turning every interaction and anonymous web visitor into a potential sales success with over 85% accuracy.

Unlike conventional lead scoring, which relies on a linear accumulation of scores tied to known ID-revealed accounts, Lift AI evaluates both identified and anonymous visitors, offering real-time buyer intent scores based on their website behavior alone.

Our machine-learning algorithm understands the nuances of buyer intent, empowering your sales team to engage with qualified leads when they are most receptive in the sales pipeline.

Proven Results with Lift AI

Our philosophy is that precision is key, while performance is non-negotiable. That's why our lead-scoring software brings in consistent results for our customers, time and time again. When marketing and sales teams are equipped with the right predictive lead-scoring software, no lead behavior goes unnoticed.

Game-Changing Outcomes

Lead scoring tools, particularly Lift AI, are transforming the landscape for sales and marketing teams. Consider this: the true effectiveness of these tools is revealed when their lead-scoring models are put into action. It's only at this point that you can distinguish whether they are boasting big promises or genuinely revolutionizing the customer journey, right?

That’s why at Lift AI, our algorithms have been developed and improved over many years, focusing on sorting leads based on solid sales data. 

It’s important to understand that Lift AI’s definition of “lead” differs to traditional lead scoring tools, because they typically only work for ID revealed accounts in your target account list, while Lift AI looks at any website visitor that could be a buyer, regardless of if they are a known account or not.

Today, our tool helps you identify leads and then prioritize high-quality leads using behavioral data, turning marketing efforts into deals for a wide range of businesses. 

Don't take our word for it – see what our customers experienced after using Lift AI's lead-scoring software:

Real-World Case Studies

Chronus – Improved Lead Generation Through Anonymous Visitor Scoring

Chronus, a leader in online services, faced a new challenge: leveraging its substantial anonymous web traffic. This scenario is not uncommon for businesses, as identifying and engaging with unidentified website visitors is becoming a priority.

  • By deploying Lift AI's real-time buyer intent scoring, Chronus could tap into this previously underutilized segment, extracting an astonishing 85% of its web pipeline.
  • Chronus's adoption of Lift AI led to a remarkable 8.5-fold increase in conversion effectiveness. This was achieved by targeting visitors identified as high-intent by our lead scores and lead qualification algorithms.

PointClickCare – Maximized Lead Conversion with Lift AI's Lead Scoring Model

PointClickCare, a prominent player in healthcare technology, sought to enhance its lead generation and conversion capabilities. The challenge was to optimize the use of their website traffic for lead generation.

  • Within just 30 days of implementation, Lift AI's advanced lead scoring system helped PointClickCarehere achieve a 168% surge in lead capture.

Fluke Biomedical – Achieved 345% Growth in Revenue Per Visitor

Fluke Biomedical, a leader in medical device testing and diagnostic imaging, sought to enhance its online customer engagement and revenue generation.

The company wanted to ensure that every conversation was optimally positioned to boost the sales process and enhance lead nurturing.

  • In partnership with Lift AI, Fluke Biomedical developed tailored Intercom playbooks – a marketing automation feature allowing sales teams to achieve targeted and effective customer interactions.
  • The results speak for themselves: the average revenue generated per conversation soared by 246%, while the revenue per site visitor witnessed a growth of 345%.

The Power of AI-Driven Lead Scoring Software

Transforming Sales Processes

Sales processes demand agility and precision. At Lift AI, we introduce a transformative approach to lead scoring, with the power of artificial intelligence. Our promise to you is that:

  • We'll bring real impact to your account-based marketing efforts
  • We'll redefine how your sales teams interact with potential customers
  • We'll turn your entire customer journey into a bottom-of-the-funnel lead database that your sales representatives can start converting

Key Features of Lift AI's Lead Scoring Software

Our lead scoring software is known for many things. Improving sales pipelines, average increases in conversions, and lead generation KPIs are just some of the results we take pride in.

Lift AI's lead scoring software is designed with a suite of features such as:

  1. Comprehensive Data Points: Lift AI aggregates first-party data from your website and runs it through the machine learning model. The beauty of this approach is that it can access the entirety of the data that your website holds, which is not possible for other tools that use third-party data, often limited in its scope, accuracy, and timeliness. 
  2. Real-Time Buyer Intent Scoring: Lift AI excels in assessing the buying intent of each website visitor in real time. This is essential given that most of your website visitors are likely to move on unless engaged correctly. This feature allows businesses to understand and act upon customer behavior as it happens, rather than relying on lagging or historical data.
  3. Scoring Both Anonymous and Known Visitors: Unlike traditional lead scoring tools that primarily focus on known customers, Lift AI is adept at scoring anonymous visitors. This competitive advantage helps you broaden the spectrum of potential leads that you can capture and nurture.
  4. Advanced Machine Learning Model: Lift AI uses a fine-tuned machine learning algorithm that we’ve refined using over 15 years of data analysis. This model processes defined criteria such as behavioral signals and cross-references them against each other in real-time to discover inherent patterns and structures that lead to accurate outcomes. 
  5. High Accuracy in Predicting Buyer Intent: With an accuracy rate of 85% in determining buyer intent, Lift AI is your trusted partner in offering actionable insights for sales reps. Its predictive analytics feature far surpasses the capabilities of existing tools and human analysis.
  6. Integration with Existing Tools: Lift AI doesn't compete. It complements tools like 6Sense and Demandbase, enriching their data with real-time behavioral buyer intent.

Unique AI Capabilities

We succeeded in redefining the landscape of lead scoring in B2B marketing. Traditional intent tools have historically relied on basic website engagement signals like:

  • Page views
  • Time spent on site
  • Pages checked by users (like pricing plans pages pointing a high lead score)
  • Form fills
  • Whitepaper downloads
  • Chat windows opened
  • Cart additions 

They then take these basic signals and assign arbitrary scores to each based on human assumptions. This method, however, often proves to be inaccurate and incomplete, leaving high value accounts on the table.

Lift AI addresses this gap by predicting the revenue potential of every web visitor based on nuances micro-behaviors in the hundreds or even thousands, be they your target audience or simple web visitor. No lead goes unnoticed with this data driven approach. That's because Lift AI employs advanced machine learning for the following functions:

  1. Lead Scoring: AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data more accurately than traditional manual scoring.
  2. Real-Time Response: This means businesses can engage with potential leads at the most opportune moments, increasing the chances of conversion.
  3. Predictive Insights: By understanding trends, companies can tailor their approaches to meet potential customer requirements, often before the customers themselves have fully recognized their needs.
  4. Personalized Customer Experiences (CX): In a world where 80% of business leaders note that personalized experiences lead to improved consumer spending, this practice has become a priority. That's why we work on improving your customer engagement and customer satisfaction on page.
  5. Smart Resource Allocation: With more accurate lead scoring and the ability to predict which leads are more likely to convert, sales teams can focus what they do best: selling. This maximizes the use of resources and increases the ROI of sales and marketing efforts.
  6. Scalability: AI systems improve over time, learning from new data and interactions. This scalability ensures that the lead scoring system evolves with the business and continues to provide value.

Benefits of Using Lift AI for Lead Scoring 

There are three major benefits attributed to using Lift AI as your go-to lead scoring software:

1. Enhanced Lead Generation

By analyzing visitor interactions on your website, Lift AI discerns genuine interest and purchase intent. This level of insight means that leads generated are not just numerous but are more likely to be aligned with your product or service, leading to a higher potential for conversion.

  • Broader Sales Funnel: Lift AI's ability to score anonymous visitors significantly widens the lead funnel. This includes potential customers who haven’t yet identified themselves but are demonstrating buying behaviors.
  • Targeted Engagement: The lead scoring feature ensures marketing efforts are targeted. Lift AI ensures that marketing campaigns and sales outreach are focused on leads that show the highest likelihood of conversion.

2. Improved Conversion Rates

The predictive analytics feature of Lift AI is a game-changer for conversion rates. By lead scoring each website visitor, Lift AI provides a better understanding of where each potential customer is in the buying journey.

  • Timely Engagement: Real-time scoring gets you immediate engagement with high-intent leads.
  • Personalized Interactions: Help your sales teams tailor their approach for each lead, making interactions more relevant and persuasive.

3. Better Equipped Sales Teams

  • Prioritization of Leads: Sales representatives can focus their efforts on leads with the highest lead scores.
  • Reduction in Lead Qualification Time: With more accurate lead scoring, the time spent on qualifying leads is reduced. Sales teams can move faster through the sales pipeline.
  • Data-Driven Strategy Optimization: The insights provided by Lift AI can help you adjust sales pitches and understand your best channels and highest-converting web pages.

Testimonials and Success Stories

We love hearing from those who have experienced the impact of our lead-scoring software. Let's glimpse at their experience with Lift AI.

Feedback from Satisfied Customers

  • Tyler Hinkle, Director of Marketing Operations at Formstack: "Working with the Lift AI team has been an exceptional experience. They're not just incredibly knowledgeable and effective; they're also a joy to collaborate with. Since integrating Lift AI with our Drift setup, we've seen remarkable improvements in our operations."

  • John Walker, Director of Demand Marketing at PointClickCare: "In just one month of using Lift AI, we witnessed a staggering 168% increase in our qualified leads. This level of efficiency and effectiveness in lead scoring was unprecedented for us. Choosing Lift AI for its proven machine learning model and expertise in sales chat optimization has been a game-changer for our lead generation strategy."

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Request a free demo today and discover how AI-driven lead scoring can refine and improve your approach to sales and marketing.

Join the ranks of successful businesses enhancing their lead generation and conversion rates with Lift AI. Sales and marketing teams need this tool – contact us now to start your journey towards smarter, more effective lead scoring. Take a look at our interactive demo here.

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