February 2, 2023

Top 5 Buyer Intent Data Tools in 2022

Albert Finder

Last updated October 27, 2021

One of the most difficult tasks for sales and marketing professionals is generating high-quality leads from B2B companies and taking them all the way through the sales funnel. 

For most B2B marketers, a key area for getting high-quality leads is their website. While it’s possible to buy website traffic aimed at your target audience via ads and sponsored campaigns — the real challenge is in making sure that those visitors are actually interested, display buying signals, and ideally have real purchase intent. 

That’s why many sales and marketing teams today seek ways to directly connect with companies that are active buyers, just like your current customers, and already looking for products similar to what you offer. To track down this kind of technographics-powered buying intent, B2B marketers buyer intent data tools. 

How Buyer Intent Data Tools Help You Get Customers

Buyer intent data tools are advanced B2B intent solutions that source first, second, or third-party data, analyze and cross-reference all that information (often using AI or machine learning models), and then output newly ranked B2B buyer intent data on all potential prospects. 

To find accurate information concerning intent signals, buyer intent data tools integrate with other solutions and track users throughout their buyer journey process. For example, they try to see who clicked on a given ad and where their IP address is located. Then they reverse-search the location to find out their company and learn to associate that IP address with that company in the future. After that, they can identify how many people from the same company have visited your web properties, thus ranking their buyer intent higher. Additional data can come from website visit durations, pages visited, forms filled, emails subscribed to, etc.

Buyer intent data can be used in a few ways: 

  • Finding qualified leads. As mentioned above, knowing buyer intent helps you prioritize B2B companies that actually want to buy from you. 
  • Creating better ads. Instead of running general marketing campaigns, you can use B2B buyer intent data to personalize your message and target specific businesses or employees (e.g. on LinkedIn), knowing they are actually interested in your products or services. 
  • Improving your sales outreach. Armed with buyer intent data, your sales team can better prepare for their calls and tailor their process based on the solution a particular company is interested in.

With all the benefits of buyer intent data tools in mind, let’s explore five of the best B2B intent products you can use right now.

1. KickFire: Your Account-Based Marketing Engine

KickFire is a platform that does one thing really well. It sources first-party intent data through figuring out which B2B companies are hiding behind your website visitors, even the ones that are seemingly anonymous. 

What makes KickFire different is its unique IP address intelligence™ algorithm that quickly associates IP addresses with businesses they come from, giving you information on industry, revenue, employee count, etc. Your sales and marketing professionals can then leverage this information to approach those businesses with a custom sales process or marketing campaign. 

To make using KickFire even easier, it integrates directly with Google and Adobe marketing platforms, doesn’t use cookies, and is privacy-compliant.

2. Slintel: Effective Customer Engagement for Any Company

Slintel is a contact, technology, and purchase intent tool in one. This platform gives your sales team access to businesses with significant revenue and high buyer intent in your target market, provides verified emails, and uncovers technology stacks — all made possible by analyzing more than 100 billion data points. 

You can use Slintel to enrich your own CRM customer records as well as discover interesting customer insights and intent signals from active buyers, such as the average renewal time for software, amount of funds raised, number of job postings, and more. 

Users have reported that Slintel can decrease B2B research time by up to 35%. 

3. DemandJump: The Ultimate Visitors Dataset

DemandJump is a suite of tools helping you get more B2B intent insights into your target audience, analyze your competition, and see which of your marketing efforts result in the highest ROI. 

You can use DemandJump to find what your ICPs are searching for, which websites they visit, and what a real customer journey for such qualified leads looks like. 

Similarly, you can find out what type of content your competitors are using to get new prospects and what kind of marketing campaigns work for them.

Finally, you can see which of your actions have a direct impact on your sales funnel and actually contribute to revenue growth. 

4. Leadfeeder: An Effective Marketing and Conversion Assistant

Leadfeeder is one of the most useful B2B buyer intent data tools for improving your lead generation strategy. This app does one thing really well — tells you what kind of B2B companies are visiting your website, augmenting it with their whole customer journey and describing actual buying signals and buyer intent at the same time.

You can customize Leadfeeder to work on your target audience, with specific locations, businesses, and demographics, using a selection of built-in filters. 

Leadfeeder also instantly integrates with your Google Analytics as well as all popular CRMs, email marketing tools, and Zapier. 

5. Lift AI: From Buying Signals to Customers

Lift AI is the first buyer intent solution to determine in real time how likely every single website visitor is to purchase your products or services, even when that visitor is completely anonymous (and up to 98% of all visitors are). 

The unique secret of Lift AI is its proprietary machine-learning model that was created and trained on more than one billion data points and 14 million live sales interactions. 

As a result, Lift AI is able to find website visitors with the highest buyer intent (which averages about 9% of website traffic) with incredible accuracy. And the outcomes speak for themselves — PointClickCare, a Lift AI customer, saw a four times increase in their chat conversions in just 90 days. Others have reported a two to 10x increase during the same timeframe. 

The way Lift AI works is by assigning every visitor a ‘buyer intent’ score and then using that score to trigger an appropriate action. High-scoring visitors, for example, get connected directly to your sales reps through your existing chat platform. Medium and low-scoring visitors might get diverted to a nurturing chatbot or a self-help guide. 

The key is that every visitor gets evaluated and treated based on their true buyer intent, regardless of their identity. 

Try Lift AI free for 30 days. It integrates with the chat platform of your choice (e.g. LivePerson or Drift), and all you have to do is just add a small JavaScript code snippet to your website. 

It also complements your existing intelligence toolsets, such as ABM and CRM platforms, by enriching the data with buyer intent scores so you can make even better sales decisions.

As you can see, the true beauty of buyer intent tools is that they are able to save your sales team so much time (dozens of hours every week!) while actually improving accuracy and guiding you towards your real target audience.

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