January 31, 2024

Lift AI: Setting the Benchmark for Digital Experience Analytics Platforms

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Imagine having the power to predict your website visitor’s intent to buy in real-time, engage them at the right moment, and convert them into customers effectively — that’s been the dream goal of marketing and sales teams for decades - and it’s exactly what Lift AI does. 

As a leading Digital Experience Analytics Platform, Lift AI combines real-time insights with proprietary machine learning to transform the way businesses understand and interact with their website visitors. 

Put simply, Lift AI  assigns buyer intent scores for each and every website visitor which is updated as they navigate through your website experience in true real-time. Those visitors are segmented into high intent, medium intent, and low intent, so that you can adjust their experience accordingly. For example, you could trigger different content using your Content Personalization software like Mutiny, or you could trigger specific pop-ups and chat windows with different messaging and call to actions.

Stick around as we delve deeper into how Lift AI can maximize your business revenue, streamline operations, and provide valuable insights. We'll be looking at the platform’s key features, benefits, success stories, and more.

Transforming Digital Strategy With Real-Time Insights

Powered by proprietary machine learning, Lift AI analyzes real-time behavioral signals across all digital website touchpoints. Maximize revenue by creating experiences that align with the intent of each visitor, turning potential losses into significant gains. Before you dive deeper, you can even experience the power of Lift AI firsthand for free, and connect with your best leads today.

4 Key Features of Lift AI

Let’s explore the key features that make Lift AI the ultimate solution for boosting conversions and revenue:

1. Behavioral Analysis

Gain instant insights into user behaviors across all website touchpoints. Lift AI’s machine learning model detects micro-behaviors on your website, allowing you to determine a visitor’s buying intent score

As a concept, behavior is far more complex than what traditional buyer intent tools measure. 

Behavior can only be understood by processing hundreds or thousands of data points and analyzing the intricate patterns within. Traditional buyer intent tools only look at a handful of isolated website actions, such as downloading an ebook and visiting the pricing page, which is not a high resolution method for understanding behavior. In fact, our research shows that 88% of buyers on a website don’t even visit the pricing page.

2. Real-time Processing

The real-time component of Lift AI is only possible due to the machine learning model, which is pre-trained to know what likely buyers look like and can process each individual behavior in the cloud, as the visitor navigates through your website.

Each buyer intent score is updated via cookies or URL parameters, allowing you to make use of the data in real-time (for example, triggering a chat playbook based on a high intent threshold).

This is essential, as up to 50% of sales go to the first company to respond to customers, and taking a proactive approach based on their intent is more likely to land you the sale. 

3. Proprietary Machine Learning Model

Lift AI’s model was built on an immaculate data set collected over 15 years. The team at Lift AI used to run a pay-for-performance model with their clients to help improve online sales through leading strategies such as conversational marketing. 

During that time, Lift AI was only paid for proven lift in sales, so clients were motivated to scrutinze and analyze the data accordingly to ensure they didn’t overpay. 

That meticulously clean data was collected across all clients, multiple industries, B2C and B2B sales motions, and more to provide an accurate view of what visitor pathways led to sales, and it was that data which Lift AI was trained on.

4. Ability to Engage Anonymous Visitors

Most buyer intent tools only work when there is an “ID match”, meaning that the IP address or volunteered information such as an email address is then compared to a database of target accounts to reveal their identity.

However, this only works for an average of 30% of website visitors, leaving the remaining 70% completely anonymous and without buyer intent data.

Don’t miss out on valuable leads hiding behind anonymity. Because Lift AI’s model of buyer intent is based solely on real-time behavior, it can predict the buyer intent of any visitor whether they are anonymous or ID revealed, empowering you to act on opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed, increasing leads by up to 168% in just 30 days.

Benefits of Using Lift AI

Let’s explore the key advantages that make Lift AI the ultimate solution for driving revenue, streamlining operations, and gaining valuable insights:

1. Maximize Revenue

Don’t let potential revenue slip through the cracks. Lift AI identifies anonymous website visitors showing strong buying intent and triggers targeted marketing engagements to capture revenue that may otherwise be lost. By recognizing intent signals in real-time and enabling timely connections with sales teams, Drift, coupled with Lift AI, increases conversion rates by up to 9x and boosts bottom-line revenue.

2. Seamless Integration

Integrate with ease. Lift AI’s predictive scores and insights seamlessly integrate with your existing martech stacks, customer relationship management (CRM), and other tools, streamlining the customer journey and enabling personalized experiences across channels. Gain a unified view of your customers and coordinate targeted marketing campaigns effortlessly.

3. Enhanced Sales Intelligence & Personalization 

With buyer intent scores in hand, Lift AI works as a digital experience analytics platform, enabling a personalized customer experience that translates into higher conversions and increased revenue by optimizing your response to buying signals. 

By leveraging Lift AI, businesses can turn potential revenue loss into significant revenue increases, connect buyer insights (like intent scores) to existing tools seamlessly, and dive deep into the digital journey of their customers. Experience the power of Lift AI and gain a competitive advantage in the digital landscape.

Success Stories

Discover the transformative power of Lift AI through a collection of compelling case studies that showcase the remarkable results achieved by businesses across various industries. These success stories demonstrate the tangible impact of leveraging Lift AI’s buyer intent scoring and real-time engagement capabilities.

Chronus: Extracting 85% of Pipeline from Anonymous Visitors successfully extracted 85% of their website pipeline from previously anonymous visitors, leveraging Lift AI’s buyer intent scoring. By accurately using user feedback and assigning scores to every visitor—known or unknown—in real time, Chronus effectively engaged high-intent visitors before they left the site, resulting in an 8.5x improvement in conversions.

PointClickCare: 168% More Qualified Leads in 30 Days

PointClickCare harnessed the power of Lift AI and Drift to realize a substantial 168% increase in qualified leads within a mere 30 days. By optimizing Drift implementation with Lift AI’s machine learning model, they achieved a 4x increase in the conversion of their existing website traffic.

Loopio: 733% More Booked Meetings

Loopio adopted a targeted approach by leveraging Lift AI to identify visitors demonstrating strong buyer intent in real time. By engaging these high-intent visitors, they achieved an astounding 733% increase in booked meetings. This personalized and strategic approach led to significant improvements in conversion rates and business growth.

These real-life success stories highlight the unbeatable advantages of incorporating Lift AI into your business strategy. By accurately identifying high-intent buyers and engaging them in real time, businesses can achieve game-changing results, driving growth and maximizing revenue. 

Dive Deeper With Lift AI Insights

Eager for more insights? Lift AI’s resource section is your treasure trove of knowledge, packed with thought-provoking articles and discussions on everything from predictive analytics platforms to strategies for supercharging your marketing efforts with buyer intent data.

Get Started With Lift AI

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital experience analytics platform?

A digital experience analytics platform is a system that tracks, analyzes, and visualizes user behavior across various digital platforms and channels to enhance user experience and engagement.

What is an example of a DXP?

Lift AI is an example of a Digital Experience Platform (DXP), offering predictive and analytics tools and intelligent engagement to enhance sales and marketing performance.

How much does a DXP cost?

The cost of a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) like Lift AI varies, typically starting from $1,500 to $3,500 per month per 20,000 visitors.

What is the difference between a DXP and a CMS?

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) delivers personalized and contextualized digital experiences across various channels, while a Web Content Management System (CMS) primarily manages and publishes content on one channel.


Lift AI is a powerful tool that helps businesses unlock the hidden potential of their website visitors. By leveraging real-time behavioral analysis, predictive analytics, and machine learning, Lift AI enables businesses to maximize their revenue, streamline operations, and gain valuable insights. This seamlessly integrated software is the key to driving growth, understanding customer expectations, and elevating the digital customer experience. Begin your journey with Lift AI today and experience the transformative power of AI firsthand.

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