September 29, 2023

Lift AI CEO - Introducing Drift Engage, Powered by Lift AI

Don Simpson

We are thrilled to announce Lift AI’s strategic and technology partnership with Drift for their new product: Drift Engage Powered by Lift AI. 

Those familiar with the conversational marketing space know how innovative and disruptive Drift has been over the years, from creating the category to driving it forward in so many new ways. We have also been pioneers in this space and had already been in the Live Chat Sales business for over a decade when Drift exploded onto the scene. From the beginning, we believed that every Drift customer would benefit from the machine learning model we had built that accurately predicts the buyer intent of every website visitor based solely on real-time visitor behavior.

In 2020, Drift customers like Okta, Intelex, and PointClickCare began using our expertise and breakthrough AI technology to maximize their output from Drift, and since that time we have created success stories with over 70 Drift customers including companies like Loopio, Truckstop and Payscale.

Today, our relationship goes even deeper.

With this new partnership, Drift will be integrating the Lift AI technology into its platform with an exciting new product they have launched called Drift Engage. With Drift Engage, Powered by Lift AI, Drift customers will be able to see our buyer intent scores directly within their Drift environment. These scores allow Drift customers to segment website visitors based on their real time buying behavior, even if they are anonymous,  to create playbooks and experiences aligned to the buyer intent of the visitor.

Lift AI has delivered game changing results for dozens of Drift customers and now, every Drift customer will have the ability to use Drift Engage and start seeing similar results for their own organizations.

Scott Ernst, the CEO at Drift said, "When we saw how Lift AI was increasing our customers' conversion rates by 9x on average, we knew it made perfect sense to partner with them and their technology to power our latest product, Drift Engage Powered by Lift AI. Now every Drift customer can find and target high intent visitors on their website in real time to get game-changing results, fast."

We at Lift AI could not be more excited for the future of our Partnership. Our combined services and technologies have already been proven with game-changing results over the last three  years, and  Drift Engage, Powered by Lift AI is a winning continuation of that in an out-of-the-box product. If you’d like to find out more about the partnership and how Lift AI is working with Drift Engage, please find more information here.


Don Simpson

CEO and Founder – Lift AI

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