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  • Lift AI is now the official buyer intent technology powering Drift's product, Drift Engage

  • Automatically find all high intent visitors on your website (both anonymous and ID revealed), based solely on their real-time behavior. Set up Drift Playbooks to engage and convert them at scale
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More Drift conversations turned into revenue


More pipeline created within 90 days

Lift AI solves the two biggest gaps in buyer intent technology

Isometric illustration of website visitors being funneled through Lift AI and segmented into high, medium and low intent

Real-time Engagement

Lift AI scores each visitor in true real-time, and is updated as they navigate through your website. Scores are streamed to Drift Engage in real-time so you can take action before hidden buyers leave.
  • Find and engage buyers right now
  • Scores are updated in true real-time
  • Engage visitors before they leave
Pie graph showing 30% identified website visitors and 70% anonymous

Anonymous Visitors

No other technology can provide accurate, behavioral buyer intent data on the 70% of completely anonymous visitors on your website with no account or contact data required.
  • ~70% of your website visitors are anonymous
  • Get accurate buyer intent scores for each
  • No account, contact, or other data needed

And fixes the three challenges of standard Drift implementations

No More 'Engage All' Playbooks – Your sales team can't service the volume of every visitor, but chatbots for all don't convert
No More 'Page-Based' Playbooks – Over 80% of your high intent visitors aren't on the pricing page, so why limit the power of Drift there?
No More Asking for Email Address – Trying to gain leads and gauge intent by asking for email can cut conversion rate by 80% or more
Comic style illustration of a customer asking a shopkeeper for help buying shoes, and the shopkeeper asks customer for their email address first

3 Drift Engage Powered by Lift AI playbooks that create game-changing results

An orange faceless avatar to represent a medium intent visitors

Mid Intent Playbook - Nurture & Escalation Automation

These visitors are not yet ready to convert, so should be engaged by your automated chatbot for further qualification or nurturing.
    A green faceless avatar to represent a high intent visitors

    High Intent Playbook - Instant Agent Conversion

    These are red-hot, ready-to-convert visitors that should be routed to your live agents immediately, who have the highest chance of converting.
      A red faceless avatar to represent a low intent visitors

      Low Intent Playbook - Deflection & Support Automation

      These could be students, career seekers, press, or unlikely buyers who should be deflected from precious sales resources and routed to early stage content and support.

        So you can engage all hidden buyers based on their real-time intent. It even works alongside your existing ABM data and other tools

        An illustration showing website visitors being funneled through a conveyer belt of tools including Lift AI scores and chat engagement

        Lift AI's results do all of the talking

        Hundreds of Drift customers are already using Lift AI to get game-changing results

        "24% of our Conversations in Drift are with completely anonymous visitors that are scored High or Mid Intent by Lift AI. The effectiveness of Lift AI’s intent scoring is evident in the fact that those visitors represent 56% of our Drift Influenced Opportunities and they convert to Opportunity 4x more efficiently"

        Jennifer Boudreau
        Sr. Director, Revenue Operations at Intelex

        “Personalization is at the heart of a great B2B sales experience and it’s most difficult when making a first impression with someone we haven’t met before. Lift AI helps our customers engage with buyers on their terms and powers the newest product in our platform, Drift Engage, with advanced AI capabilities."

        Matt Tippets
        SVP of Product at Drift
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