September 11, 2023

How to Use AI Prospecting to Increase Your Sales Pipeline

Don Simpson

Updated September 11, 2023: We’ve added new AI prospecting tools that buyers can use to get more leads with less effort.

Few companies starting out are specific about what their ideal customer profile is and what’s the best sales process for it. There’s a tendency to rely on organic growth — to hope for the “if you build it, they will come” scenario. 

Organic growth, however, is unreliable, especially for products that haven’t yet built a strong reputation. 

A better way is to reach out to potential buyers directly — using a well-crafted sales pitch that outlines what you offer and how it addresses the major pain points of your audience. Then ask them to buy it.

Sales outreach can be combined with other sales prospecting techniques by your BDRs, such as cold-calling, emails, LinkedIn messages, live chat, and more. 

Sales reps need to create a constant stream of opportunities that account executives can use to talk about the product, show demos, and close deals.

The division of labor between sales reps and account executives is critical. It frees up everyone’s time to focus on decisions they need to make at their particular stages of the conversion funnel.

It’s possible to get a near unlimited number of opportunities through business prospecting that wouldn’t lead to a lot of qualified prospects. Plus, BDRs need to do all the associated paperwork and research that takes time which could be spent prospecting.

To better qualify opportunities and automate inefficient data entry work, BDRs should leverage the power of AI prospecting tools. AI tools can help find people based on specific criteria, automatically update CRM fields, and even determine lead scores of all the anonymous website visitors. 

Tip: Find out the buyer intent of every single website visitor with Lift AI. Integrate Lift AI into your marketing stack and bring better leads to your sales team with no extra work.

Find New Customers With Minimum Cold-Calling

Effective cold-calling requires researching helpful information about the potential contacts first. This research makes up a large portion of your sales team’s time. Not only do they have to find the right contacts, they need to know their email and phone number, and customize their sales script.

Your team can use AI prospecting sales tools today that expedite the whole process., for example, can become your AI-powered B2B sales assistant. It searches for companies that fit your ICP criteria, finds prospects along with their contact information, and even emails them for you following a predefined template.

Since works autonomously, it expands the capacity of every BDR on your team, saving them hours a day. 

A more tailored approach would be to use a tool such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which matches you with contacts based on your network and opens more possibilities for warm introductions. 

Update Deals in Your CRM on Autopilot

What do your BDRs do besides research? They constantly populate your CRM with new data. With complex CRMs such as Salesforce, this process is a full-time job in itself. 

Even though having an up-to-date CRM is essential, no one likes spending hours a week on data entry.

Dooly is an app that automatically synchronizes your notes to their appropriate categories in Salesforce, saving every BDR up to five hours every week. 

In addition, Dooly shows all your content in one place and includes its own playbook, suggesting the best ways to handle objections in real time, while your BDRs are on a call. 

Turn Web Content Consumers into Buyers

Not all prospecting starts with outbound calls. Advertising, SEO, and various marketing campaigns can bring a lot of inbound traffic. Your website might even have newsletter or blog subscriptions, or demo requests to capture inbound names and emails. 

But relevant context is everything. The best time to engage an inbound visitor is while they are on your website — through chat. Chat can be used to answer questions, describe product features, and, importantly, qualify prospects. 

The problem is that most chats get overwhelmed by traffic. What you need to do then is to find a way to successfully pre-qualify your visitors before you get the chance to qualify them personally. 

Lift AI is a unique buyer-intent solution that uses a proprietary machine-learning model to identify anonymous website visitors for AI prospecting. Since anonymous visitors can be up to 98% of your traffic, Lift AI delivers a lot of value in determining which ones are more likely to buy your solution (on average up to 9% of the total traffic). 

The way Lift AI prospecting works is by assigning buyer intent scores to every single visitor as soon as they land on your website. Then Lift AI connects the highest-scoring visitors directly to your BDRs and greets the rest with either a nurturing bot or a self-help guide. 

Lift AI integrates with any enterprise chat platform you use, from Drift to LivePerson. Besides, you can integrate its buyer-intent scores with any marketing stack in general for custom workflows. 

With Lift AI, your BDRs spend all their time talking to the right visitors, which inevitably skyrockets your conversion rates and improves team productivity. 

On average, companies using Lift AI improve their chat conversions anywhere from two to 10 times within 90 days. For example, PointClickCare increased their funnel by 400%, attributing $1M of revenue to their Lift AI integration. Formstack similarly grew its chat pipeline by 420%

Try Lift AI free — for 30 days. No credit card or complex installations required. Sign up, add a JavaScript snippet, and you’re ready for AI prospecting. 

As you can see, the new generation of AI tools is here to assist you. Now it’s up to your sales team to make the move to free up their time and focus on what matters — converting more leads.

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