March 6, 2023

How AI Can Augment Your Sales Results in 2023

Albert Finder

If you track what your BDRs and AEs spend time on at work, selling is not going to be in the top spot. It’s the work around selling that eats up all the time: internal meetings, research, prep, emails, calls, outreach, and CRM data entry. 

With the accelerating development of AI, there are lots of discussions in the sales industry about how AI is going to replace salespeople. But those discussions are about the future that’s hard to predict. What AI can do for your team right now is cut down on the time they spend not selling and free them up for the most productive task they could focus on. 

Where do you start? Let’s see which artificial intelligence sales tools you can add to your workflow and why. 

Note: One of the most impressive AI sales tools of late is Lift AI. This solution instantly identifies buyer intent of every single visitor on your website and connects the most promising ones directly to your BDRs for conversion. Instead of chasing prospects, they are hand-delivered to your team by AI.

What Are AI Sales Tools? 

Artificial intelligence sales tools leverage their underlying AI models to solve problems or automate routine tasks. 

There’s no one app to rule them all — the best AI sales tools have a particular area of expertise, whether it’s automation, recommending content, analytics, website engagement, or lead scoring. 

Take a look at our list of the best AI sales tools across various categories. Most of them have free trials, so you can see whether they bring value to your team before committing. 

Now, how do you actually use these tools to boost your sales? 

1. Automate Routine Tasks

Automating admin tasks is a great way to free up hours of productive time for every employee. 

AI sales tools can now automate scheduling meetings and demos using naturally generated language, and keeping your calendar up to date as well. They can assist in moving deals through the pipeline in the CRM and even add notes to annotate the progress. 

Your team can also use AI to transcribe meetings and easily find key moments in them. The possibilities for finding repetitive processes are endless and new AI tools are launching all the time. 

2. Write Cold Emails (and LinkedIn Messages)

With the rise of AI chatbots like ChatGPT, BDRs have a powerful tool at their disposal to write and experiment with unique cold emails and LinkedIn messages. 

Instead of spending all day writing 50 cold emails, you can now use AI chatbots to write 500 in 30 minutes. You can continuously improve them too — just pick the best-performing ones and ask the chatbot to write something similar. 

3. Supercharge Your Research

Your sales team spends a lot of time researching information. Whether it’s about companies that might become customers or specific data to show at sales meetings, AI can find more about it, and faster too. 

When you use sales AI tools, you can always have a library of relevant content for specific needs right by your side. 

4. Analyze Won and Lost Deals

An effective sales process is a never-ending experiment. You want to know what’s working and what’s not. Artificial intelligence sales tools can analyze your team’s calls, meetings, and emails to identify what drives successful performance and how you can make it a part of your process. 

5. Identify Real-Time Buyer Intent

Lots of time is lost on leads that don’t work out. Why? Because your BDRs have no way of telling them apart. When a visitor lands on your website, your sales team has no idea if they are just looking or actually want to buy. 

The AI can fix that by instantly analyzing thousands of data points and showing you how likely every website visitor is to purchase your solution. Then your BDRs can engage with them right when they are at the peak of their interest.

To unleash the power of accurate buyer intent, try Lift AI. 

Lift AI is a top-rated buyer intent solution that integrates into any level of your marketing stack and identifies most promising website visitors as soon as they land on your website (even if they are completely anonymous). 

To make accurate predictions, Lift AI leverages a unique machine-learning model that’s been trained on billions of data points and millions of live sales interactions. As a result, Lift AI can correctly read the tiniest behavioral signals and assess buyer intent in real time. 

When you integrate Lift AI into your live chat (e.g. Drift), it will not only find top visitors and connect them directly to your BDRs, but also greet medium- and low-scoring visitors with a nurturing bot or a self-help guide — further optimizing the time of your sales team and preventing them from engaging non-buyers. 

With a tool like Lift AI, your sales team will never miss a high-buyer-intent visitor ever again. Lift AI customers report an average increase in chat conversions by 9x.

Lift AI helped Formstack improve their conversions by 420%. Another customer, PointClickCare, increased their funnel by 400%, which resulted in over $1M of incremental revenue in the first year. 

Try Lift AI free for 30 days. You don’t need to enter your credit card, and installation is as simple as adding a JavaScript snippet to your website. If you have any questions, the Lift AI support team is always there. 

It’s clear that using artificial intelligence sales tools is a must nowadays. Otherwise your sales team is just lagging behind. Make sure to set aside time to try various AI technologies and see how they improve the work of your team. Whether it’s recommendations, analysis, research, writing, or buyer intent — every bit of added productivity counts. 

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