November 5, 2023

Exploring Clearbit Alternatives: Our Top 5 Picks

Albert Finder

Updated Nov 2, 2023: We added new information to the article due to HubSpot's announcement about acquiring Clearbit.

Modern sales and marketing teams run on data. Accurate, timely, and effective data points can make the difference between closing and not closing a deal, and help move future prospects through the conversion funnel. 

For sales teams, knowing company information, key B2B contacts, and verified email addresses is essential. Your BDRs used to spend hours looking up all this data by hand. Now, they can rely on B2B marketing intelligence providers, such as Clearbit, to access these valuable insights on demand.

Tip: Now you can connect directly with high-scoring website visitors using Lift AI — a buyer intent solution that works on every visitor in real time.

What Is Clearbit? 

Clearbit is a data activation platform that aggregates all relevant B2B data about your potential customers and gives you sales and marketing team a complete view of the market.

Unlike other marketing intelligence databases, Clearbit works as a suite of apps, which can be used on their own, installed as add-ons in other tools, or downloaded as browser extensions. 

Clearbit’s three main products are Prospector, Reveal, and Enrichment. 

Prospector helps sales teams fill up their pipelines with high-quality leads based on any combination of over 100 data fields (with 95% accuracy), from country to industry to job title to social presence. Clearbit Prospector works as a standalone app and integrates into other tools like Salesforce and HubSpot. A light version of Prospector called Clearbit Connect is available as a Chrome extension and offers 100 free contact lookups per month. 

Reveal identifies visitors to your website, monitors their activity, and helps your sales team engage with them through calls, chat, and content personalization.

Enrichment is a B2B data refresh solution that fixes incomplete or incorrect records in your database from more than 250 data sources, and makes them available to other apps through API and webhooks.

Sounds good! Why then do you need to seek Clearbit alternatives?

Why Consider Alternatives to Clearbit?

Clearbit is a great data activation platform that is well-known for helping large enterprise clients improve their conversion rates. 

If you visit Clearbit’s website, you’ll notice that they don’t show their prices. Doing a quick search online, you can find user reviews from companies spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on Clearbit software. While this demonstrates strong usage among enterprise clients, Clearbit’s pricing might be out of reach for small businesses and startups, outside of free products like Clearbit Connect.

Besides, on November 1, 2023, Clearbit announced that they are being acquired by HubSpot. Even if the platform stays the same in the short term, it might be risky to pick it as your primary marketing intelligence solution right now. 

In addition, Clearbit doesn’t do everything when it comes to B2B data. Other products on the market have similar features (with some more advanced, some less-so), including artificial intelligence, lead scoring, data enrichment, and email marketing campaigns. 

Our Top 5 Clearbit Alternatives

In our research, we’ve discovered five tools with comparable as well as unique features that can replace all or some of what Clearbit Reveal and Clearbit Prospector do for most sales and marketing teams.

1. Demandbase: Unified Tools for Sales Intelligence

As a tool for account intelligence, Demandbase integrates in-market intent (i.e. users who are searching for relevant keywords in search engines), firmographic, technographic, and contact data into every step of the buyer journey.

Demandbase helps minimize pre-call research, remove data silos, find new opportunities, and prioritize accounts. With Demandbase, your account executives can quickly build a clear ABM sales strategy and plan their work in a way that focuses on the most promising opportunities every day.

Key features 

  • 92+ million companies in the vast database
  • First- and third-party data sources with native Account Intelligence (for the in-market intent data)
  • Fresh and accurate data on 150+ million contacts
  • Up-to-date information informed by current news and social media
  • 500+ billion data signals processed per month

2. Leadfeeder: Real-Time Insights Into Prospects

Does your sales team spend too much time identifying website visitors and prioritizing them for reaching out? You can automate this process with Leadfeeder.

Leadfeeder is a B2B intent data platform that helps identify which companies are visiting your website. It relies on custom behavioral and demographic filters to prioritize accounts, and can integrate with the most popular CRMs and other marketing tools. 

Unlike Clearbit, Leadfeeder is a simple and affordable solution. But it lacks the capacity to uncover the majority of the anonymous visitors on your website. Plus, Leadfeeder’s behavioral filters are based on simple hypotheses (e.g. page views) that are directional but lack specific insights. 

Key features

  • Sync new business data with your CRM in real time
  • Open API and integrations with top sales tools
  • Personal email alerts for specific companies
  • Unlimited users on every plan
  • $139 a month for an unlimited number of leads 

3. LeadGenius: A Database of Hard-to-Find Contact Information

If you serve companies and industries in various countries, you know that it’s much easier to find data on leads in North America and Europe than in other parts of the world.

LeadGenius solves the problem of global sales team expansion with B2B contact and account data across EMEA, LATAM, and APAC regions of the world. Its platform integrates with the popular sales and marketing tools, from LinkedIn to HubSpot and Salesforce. Those who want accurate contact data with no context switching at all can download a handy Chrome extension.

Key features

  • Access granular filtering for ICPs
  • Generate accurate datasets from hard-to-reach global sales regions 
  • Customize data fields to get the exact information you need
  • Integrate with HubSpot, Salesforce, ZoomInfo, Outreach, and more

4. Foundry: An Intent-Driven ABM Platform

Reaching out to decision-makers at the exact moment they are willing to buy is infinitely valuable. That’s what separates Foundry from other ABM platforms. 

Foundry helps find buyer intent and increase conversions in multiple channels: display ads, email, LinkedIn, chat, and more. You define search parameters for your target market and Foundry will scan its large database and help you track your relationship with potential buyers currently in the market for similar solutions. 

Key features

  • 80 million buyer intent signals scanned every week
  • Over 150 million first-audience profiles in the database
  • More than 7,600 targeting dimensions (e.g. intent, firmographic)
  • Proprietary and publicly scraped data for the largest pool of signals

5. Lift AI: ML-Powered Buyer-Intent Scoring

Even with the best analytics in place, up to 70% of your website visitors will remain anonymous to you. 

That means all the tools described above can, at the most, help you with only a portion of your visitors.

This is a massive opportunity for better sales tools. 

Lift AI is the first and only buyer intent solution that’s able to determine how likely every single visitor on your website is to purchase your solution, in real time. 

Working off a unique machine-learning model that’s been trained on billions of data points and more than 14 million live sales interactions, Lift AI is able to achieve over 85% accuracy in its buyer intent assessments. 

The way Lift AI intelligence works is by scanning each visitor as they land on your website and assigning them a buyer intent score between 0 and 100. The score is updated in real-time as the user navigates through your website. From there, Lift AI segments those visitors into high intent, medium intent, and low intent. As a result, with the unprecedented vision of every visitor’s buyer intent, you can take the best action to convert them.

For example, you can connect high-intent visitors directly to your BDRs through chat tools such as Drift, while delegating medium- and low-intent leads to a nurturing bot or a self-help guide. 

The best part about Lift AI is that its buyer intent scores can be added to your existing tools (including Clearbit and other solutions mentioned in this article) to improve their performance.

Key features

  • Identifies the buyer intent of every single user (even if they’re anonymous and unable to be identified using other tools) in real time
  • Integrates with any chat tool you use (e.g. Drift, LivePerson) for real-time conversions while the user is on your website
  • Works with your ABM, CRM, or MA tools to enrich their data with Lift AI buyer intent scores (this helps to prioritize new leads that your sales team follows up with once the user has left your website)
  • Simple to install, no training required
  • Utilizes first-party data on your website to give you unique insights and a competitive edge (your competitors can’t see what you see)

How to Choose the Best Clearbit Alternative for Your Business

Choosing the right Clearbit alternative might seem like a daunting task, since there are a lot of options to go through, but once you determine the unique value proposition of each proposed solution, the choice becomes much easier: 

  • Demandbase promises unified tools for business intelligence
  • Leadfeeder gives you real-time insights into prospects
  • LeadGenius supplies you with hard-to-find contact information
  • Foundry adds buyer intent to ABM
  • Lift AI works with any marketing stack to deliver accurate buyer intent scoring in real time, no B2B account or contact data required

You can request demos and free trials from most tools to see how they could fit into your workflow. Whichever Clearbit alternative you decide to go with, don’t forget that you can complement it with Lift AI for more accurate insights. 

Companies that use Lift AI routinely increase their chat conversions anywhere from two to 10 times in the first 90 days. PointClickCare, for example, grew its conversions by 400%, gaining $1M of extra revenue as a result, while Formstack increased its pipeline by 420%

The value of B2B databases and Clearbit alternatives is going to increase over time as companies are trying to get up-to-date data and bring more efficiency to their sales process. At the same time, knowing the exact buyer intent score of every website visitor with a tool like Lift AI gives your sales and marketing team an advantage in reaching out to potential buyers before anyone else.

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