July 24, 2022

What Drift Said About Marketing AI

Don Simpson

At a recent 2021 webinar, our partners at, the conversational marketing giant, revealed some of their insights around web conversions, the importance of real-time data, and what to do about the plethora of anonymous visitors on your website. 

Instead of watching the entire webinar to extract Drift’s insights, we’ve taken some of the highlights out for you and compiled them into a 4 minute video below.

You can also read the text version of these insights below the video. Read on to learn something new about how your website can deliver more revenue.

“I'm Jared Fuller; I have the global partner programs for Drift across our technology and agency partnerships. I also helped author our conversational marketing blueprint, the underlying methodology for how to build conversations that convert, and I am a guest lecturer at the University of South Florida.”

“The conversational marketing blueprint uses the five W's to engage website traffic. What page are people on? Who is there? Where did they come from? Why are they there and when to engage?”

“One of the hardest things about that, it's a great methodology - there are books, there are training courses and certifications around it - but what happens when that “who” is anonymous?”

“So we don't know the account, we don't know the person - that really only leaves page personalization, right? I can have a different message on my homepage, versus a different message on my pricing page for the engagement bot that pops up. This presumes of course, that you agree with me that you shouldn't have bots that ask - I'll call it a dumb question - how can I help you?”

“That is the question that I tell people to go away whenever I'm in the store, right? Someone walks with me - how can I help you? I'm just looking, right? Like, leave me alone.”

“So when these accounts and these people that are coming to your website are anonymous, it's probably 98% of them. How do we really prioritize their buying experience? So that's kind of my perspective on it, that it's a difficult challenge to solve for a lot of the partners, agencies, and customers that I work with.”

“You have someone's attention, when they're on your site.”

“That is the best time to engage them. It's not an ad to serve up to them a week from now, or an email that goes in their inbox when they're not thinking about you, it's when you have their attention.”

“Good call on AI - that’s what’s changed a lot from decision tree and bot building. Drift AI does have the capabilities of being able to take someone that's come in, and then put them down a support path if they are talking support speak through the chat bot. But I think this is what's worth calling out, is that our AI is not a targeting engine. Our AI is a conversation engine, meaning whenever someone's jumped into a conversation, we can get them what they want. They asked a question, our AI is going to answer... "Hey, do you integrate with this? Do you offer this? I'm looking for this solution"? Our AI can answer those questions, and it's a phenomenal customer experience, right?” 

“This is where most things go wrong, is that people go in and they start building bots based on the technology, because our tech can do whatever you want it to do. It really matters how you implement it, right? It's all about the brand voice and the experience that you're creating, so this framework is very powerful when followed.”

“Intent though, I think is what is really important, it is a sign al that should inform how you take the next best action or recommend the next best action. So then an MQL-SQL is typically like a handoff point, the intent is kind of like a predecessor to that. Whenever we think about intent, and the interface between Drift and Lift AI, we're thinking about how do we design conversations based on where they're at? And the point at which someone is having a conversation and they're qualified by whatever term you know, want to use, that's where there's kind of like a bifurcation. Intent is about, how do we prioritize this buyers experience, and then whether it's an MQL, SQL., MQA, whatever, that's at the point where someone's already engaged in a conversation and qualified themselves to the next step of the process.”

Click here to watch the full video breakdown on how PointClickCare were able to 4x their conversions in just 90 days using Drift and Lift AI. If you want to see results like this for yourself, get started by requesting your own free trial here.

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