November 14, 2021

How to Fix What’s Broken with Chat: Optimize Your Live Chat Experience to Maximize Conversions

Don Simpson

To meet the expectations of their online customers, companies are deploying Live Chat and chatbots on their sites. At first, having Chat on the website makes everyone in the company happy.  However, soon enough, live Sales agents can become unhappy.

Very unhappy.

Sales team members are now unhappy because they are at the receiving end of way too many chat conversations. The Sales team only wants to handle sales-ready Chats and nothing else. And they are right: by getting too many unqualified Chats, the Sales team misses out on revenue because they cannot get to all the GOOD chat prospects on time.

And good prospects are also unhappy. 

How long do web visitors have to wait to initiate Live Chat? On average, research shows that customers are waiting 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Every marketer putting on their “customer hat” agrees: that is simply too long because it makes the abandon rate high, especially among the ready-to-buy prospects who now simply defect to a competitor’s website.

The good news is that this is all fixable right now.

After 15 years of optimizing chat revenue for global brands, and engaging 14 million customers in live sales interactions, not only do we know what it takes to optimize a live chat program - we actually have the data to algorithmically predict it. We know how to keep Sales agents as productive as possible, and customers happy and converting. 

Here is how to fix what’s broken with Chat and Chatbots:

Chat technology solutions are not very smart out-of-the-box. On their own, Chat tools have no idea which web visitors will lead to revenue, and which ones will not. Marketers need to stop flying blind, hoping that the company’s Live Sales agents are spending time chatting with the right visitors, and that bots are handling all the rest. Marketers have to determine which web visitors have the highest potential to buy (or convert) and which ones do not have that potential, before handing over any Chat conversation to Live Sales agents.

To accomplish this, for years we have been developing and refining a machine-learning algorithm: Lift AI

Right out-of-the box, Lift AI is able to:

  1. Score all anonymous web visitors in real-time (plus all "known" visitors that your ABM tools have identified)
  2. Immediately surface high buyer intent scores to Sales agents
  3. Instantly filter out low buyer intent scores to bots/self-serve (totally bypassing Sales team)

Now we are making this tool available to every digital marketer so they can also reap the same benefits. 

Marketers today can simply implement Lift AI’s out-of-the-box conversion score algorithm, and immediately make their chat program immensely more effective.  Lift AI easily integrates with all the most popular chat tools in the market and makes them “smarter.”

By reducing the number of Chat engagements that the Sales team handles to only the best prospects,  the wait times for those prospects goes down and sales conversions go up. This means the first immediate benefit is reduced wait times for GOOD prospects, making Sales agents and the right customers happy. Very happy.

By optimizing the Live Chat Experience to maximize conversions, smart Marketers are fixing what’s broken with Chat today.

Start with your no-obligation, Lift AI Free Trial for 30 days here.

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