May 29, 2024

Maximize High-Intent Traffic with HubSpot Chat and Lift AI

Don Simpson

Executive Summary:

  • Your website traffic has hidden buyers that you can’t see. Identifying and engaging those high-intent visitors in real-time can significantly enhance sales efficiency and revenue. 
  • Integrating Lift AI with HubSpot Chat enables businesses to precisely target those potential buyers by scoring visitor intent and directing high-scoring individuals to live agents. 
  • This approach not only optimizes the conversion process but also ensures that your sales team focuses their efforts where they are most likely to yield results.
  • Using chat tools alongside Lift AI gets game-changing results in as little as 30 days, such as case studies and success stories that include, uncovering 85% of pipeline from anonymous visitors, getting 9x more conversions, 5x increase in sales team efficiency, and getting a 27x ROI.

Why your Hubspot team needs to target high intent visitors

Understanding and capitalizing on high-intent web traffic is crucial for any business striving to improve its online conversion rates. 

This is essential when:

  • Marketing and sales teams are investing heavily in top of funnel activities, while missing the demand they already have on their website right now
  • Buyers are typically 60-70% through their buyer journey by the time they talk to your sales team, so you need to find them earlier for the best chance of winning 
  • 50% of sales go to the first company to respond to a prospect’s needs, so being able to respond to those particular high intent individuals while they’re on your website is critical, before they move on to competitors 

HubSpot Chat, a powerful tool for real-time customer engagement and overcoming many of the above challenges, becomes even more effective when combined with Lift AI’s predictive capabilities. 

This integration allows businesses to completely change their engagement strategies, ensuring that visitors with the highest buying intent are immediately connected with live agents.

How Lift AI Revolutionizes HubSpot Chat:

Lift AI uses a sophisticated machine learning model to analyze website visitor behavior in real time. By assigning a dynamic buyer intent score to each visitor, Lift AI identifies those who are most likely to convert as they navigate through your website, updating in real time accordingly. 

These scores are then seamlessly integrated into HubSpot Chat through URL parameters, enabling targeted engagement strategies.

The revolutionary aspect is this: no other tool can uncover website buyer intent in real-time with over 85% accuracy,, because no other tool has been pre-trained to determine what behaviors lead to purchase. 

Lift AI solves the anonymous website visitor problem - you don’t need to know who is on your website, just their intent. ID reveal is simply a bonus on top if you have it. 

Setting Up Lift AI with HubSpot Chat:

Integrating Lift AI with HubSpot Chat is straightforward and does not require extensive technical expertise. 

After installing the Lift AI script on your website, visitor scores can be targeted and updated within HubSpot Chat via URL parameters. \

Here’s how you can leverage these scores:

Identify High-Intent Visitors: Configure HubSpot Chat to recognize URL parameters that indicate high buyer intent scores (e.g., scores above 65).

Route to Live Agents: Set up chat workflows that automatically direct visitors with high intent scores to live sales agents, bypassing less interactive automated systems.

Customize Engagement: Tailor chat prompts and responses to the level of intent, ensuring that communications are appropriately aligned with the visitor’s readiness to engage.

Results and Expectations: 

Businesses that implement Lift AI alongside Hubspot Chat can expect significant improvements across several key performance indicators:

  • Capturing previously missed anonymous buyers: Lift AI’s ability to score anonymous visitors means you are not just limited to engaging known prospects (which represent 30% of traffic on average) but can also capture and convert high-intent traffic that would otherwise remain hidden.
  • Pipeline & revenue: By focusing on high-intent visitors, companies see a marked increase in their sales pipeline and overall revenue. For instance, companies like Formstack and Chronus have seen over 80% of their new pipeline come from high intent anonymous visitors targeted in chat.
  • Sales team efficiency: Live agents spend their time engaging with visitors who have already been scored as likely to purchase, which enhances productivity and conversion rates. For example, a global B2B software company saw a 5x increase in sales team efficiency while a transportation software company got a 2.9x increase. 

Getting started with Lift AI & Hubspot Chat

Integrating Lift AI with HubSpot Chat transforms how businesses interact with potential customers online. By focusing on high-intent traffic and utilizing real-time data to direct these visitors to live agents, companies can significantly enhance their engagement strategies, boost conversions, and optimize sales efficiency. 

This is just one element of an AI-powered strategy for maximizing your website revenue in real-time. HubSpot also recently released a powerful set of their own AI tools designed to streamline business operations across multiple departments after real-time engagements. For example, HubSpot’s AI can help you stay on top of prospect conversations through automatic summaries, transform CRM data into easy-to-digest reports, and craft personalized outreach, introductory, or follow-up emails.  

Ready to get started? Sign up for a free trial of Lift AI - once it’s installed you can begin targeting URL parameters within Hubspot Chat out-of-the-box.

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