November 14, 2021

How we figured out that ~9% of your website traffic has high buyer intent

Don Simpson

Imagine that you’re a salesperson at a retail store. You can see every customer as they walk through the door, and if you're good at your job, you’ll be able to monitor their behavior to determine if they need help.

You can’t do that with your website, because you can’t see your customers.

So, you’re leaving your customers (visitors) to walk through your store (website) without the personal touch that could help convert them into a sale. 

This is especially hard since 98% of your web traffic is anonymous, with no data at all to help you make sense of them.

Even if you have “identity” tools that gather information like IP address, company name, and if you’re lucky - email address, they don’t help you in real-time, and you usually only have a handful of those visitors to play with.

But what if you could see all of your visitors? Well, you can. Not physically, of course, but you can monitor and track their behavior using analytics tools. 

Only problem is, there’s no meaningful way to look at that data and help those visitors in real-time. There are simply too many variables to look at and process, not to mention the fact that there could be thousands of visitors coming to your site which is near impossible to handle with salespeople.

That’s why this is a problem only AI can solve - it looks at countless variables and processes them in real-time against a pre-trained model.

We call this model a “buyer intent AI” - and it may be the secret sauce your website is missing.

Essentially, this model was fed data from over 1 billion web visitors and 14 million live chat interactions to determine a link between behavior and likelihood to buy (or become a lead) if helped via real-time tactics like chat.

The AI assigns each visitor a buyer intent score between 0-100 in real-time.

What we found from running the model on many client websites is that typically 9% of website visitors have a high buyer intent

The remaining visitors can be segmented into medium or low intent (and there are interesting things you can do with that data too - stay tuned for more).

A full breakdown of average website visitors by buyer intent

Furthermore, this 9% of high intent visitors are predicted with over 85% accuracy thanks to the processing power of AI. 

This is not a trivial number, given an average website converts between 1-2% of visitors.

Once you have this data, it makes a huge difference as to how you look at your marketing funnel.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on driving demand and traffic to the site, you can capitalize on the traffic that’s already on your site right now. 

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s actually just a smart use of AI that nobody else has done yet. 

We’ve already seen companies like PointClickCare get 400% more conversions from chat in just 90 days using buyer intent AI.

Full disclosure -  this buyer intent AI is our own product called Lift AI. We built Lift AI for ourselves when trying to help our legacy chat clients convert more visitors (more on this story soon).

In the meantime, you can see the 9% of high intent visitors on your website for yourself, for free. Simply sign up for our free trial and we’ll get you started. No credit cards, no tricks.

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