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April 2, 2024

How to Combine Lift AI and 6sense for Buyer Intent Mastery

Don Simpson

Lift AI + 6sense: Better Together

Many tools and technologies offer a solution to calculate “Buyer Intent”, but not all Intent products are the same. This article will help you cut through the noise and see where Buyer Intent Technologies such as Lift AI and 6sense can complement each other to create a more powerful strategy.

Executive Summary:

Combining Lift AI and 6sense buyer intent data: 

  1. Enables you to capture demand from the anonymous visitors on your website that can’t be ID revealed to create net new pipeline and revenue
  • Payscale captured 54% of their website pipeline from the 72% of website visitors that were completely anonymous
  • Chronus captured 85% of their website pipeline from the 73% of website visitors that were completely anonymous 
  1. Creates a powerful bullseye of “High Intent” website visitors + target accounts on your website right now that you can engage in real-time and increase sales efficiency
  • Chronus was able to 11.6x their conversion rate (3.4% to 39.3%) to Sales Accepted Opportunity by combining Lift AI buyer intent scores of individuals with 6Sense Account buying stage segments and prioritizing sales activities to a bullseye group of prospects

Using Lift AI and 6sense creates more distinct and actionable segments of website visitors that marketing and sales teams can focus their limited resources on to help find their next customer, in real time, while they are on their website.

Introducing Lift AI & 6sense

Buyer Intent is the likelihood of a customer to purchase your product or service. Lift AI and 6sense both offer buyer intent solutions, but they attack the challenge in fundamentally different ways, allowing them to be used together very effectively.

  • Lift AI focuses entirely on website visitor behavior using machine learning, so it can provide precise and actionable intent data for every website visitor in real-time, even those visitors who are completely anonymous. Lift AI finds and engages individual buyers on your website before they leave, extracting the full revenue potential of your website
  • 6sense looks at a broader spectrum of activity both off-site and on-site of identified companies and contacts providing a high level view of what stage in the buying journey your prospects are in. 6sense understands where your target ICP accounts are in their broader buying journey, and prioritizes accounts accordingly.  

Together, you get the best of both worlds - website buyer intent plus sales journey buying intent - each serves distinct purposes in optimizing engagement and revenue potential.

Accelerator #1: Area of Operation (Website + Sales Journey)

Lift AI provides an in-depth, microscopic view of buyer intent on your website, whereas 6sense focuses more broadly across the wider buyer journey.

Think of 6sense like a telescope, helping you see the wider picture of your customer buyer journey, while Lift AI is a microscope, drilling into granular detail just on your website.

For example, 6sense can recognize when people at Apple are researching topics related to your meeting software business, while Lift AI can help you spot and engage any meeting software buyer currently on your website, regardless of their other activity off-site.

Knowing that someone at Apple is researching meeting software is helpful so you can email, call, or place advertisements where they might see them, which can in turn help drive them to your website. Also, knowing that someone from Apple is active on your website also provides value to prioritizing your sales resources. 6sense allows you to  monitor the highlights of their online activity to help prioritize which accounts are progressing in the buying process.

On the other hand, Lift AI is a purpose-built tool for understanding the intent of the specific visitor who’s landed on your website based on their behavior right then and there (regardless of whether they’re ID revealed or if they’re still anonymous). This helps you convert them while they are present, before they leave your website. If your website has a lot of visitors, it will help you prioritize which visitors should get priority attention in real-time.

You need the telescope and microscope working together in order to track the actions of key accounts, then convert them in real-time while on your website.

Accelerator #2: Customer Identity (Anonymous Individuals + Known Accounts)

As mentioned, Lift AI is all about website visitors, whereas 6sense is about target accounts. 

In practice, this means that Lift AI finds anonymous individual buyers on your website who are demonstrating buyer intent, while 6sense finds company contacts and accounts that are in a broader buying stage.

Lift AI doesn’t need to know anything about the visitor other than their behavior on your website. As a result, Lift AI provides accurate buyer intent scores for 100% of the completely anonymous visitors, with no other data required. 

In fact, Chronus used Lift AI to uncover 85% of their pipeline from anonymous visitors

That said, since Lift AI is a 6sense partner, it can utilize part of the 6sense ecosystem called ‘6signal’ to run on top. This is the Account Buyer Reveal” add-on to your license, and is used to add account information to any visitors that can be matched, getting you up-to-date behavioral scoring for those known accounts too.

A group of people standing around a buildingDescription automatically generated

Contrarily, 6sense works by matching  each website visitor to a company account on their database in order to connect to all the intent intelligence it has on hand. If there is no match, there is no intent score.

However, just because a visitor is showing high buyer intent during their particular session on your website does not mean they may be a good customer fit based on your determined ideal customer profile (ICP). By layering your ICP targeting on top of the Lift AI scored traffic for those ID revealed accounts, we now have the best of both worlds; high buyer intent and a fit for our predefined ICP. 

On average, 70% of your website traffic is completely anonymous while 30% is matched to company or contact information, so to get 100% visibility into your website traffic you need Lift AI and 6sense working together.

Accelerator #3: Timing (Real-time + Over Time)

Lift AI provides website buyer intent scores in real-time, meaning live and in the moment. Once the Lift AI code is installed on a website, it begins scoring visitors right away and updates those scores as each visitor navigates through pages (or even if they remain on the same page).

This enables you to trigger on-page experiences based on the visitors’ intent level while they are there, such as content personalization, conversational marketing, and pop-ups.

The added benefit of Lift AI’s real-time scoring is that clients get results, fast. In fact, PointClickCare used Lift AI to increase their conversion rate by 4x in just 90 days.

Running parallel, 6sense captures data points across the internet as well as your website, combining them together over time to represent a different view of buyer intent. As a result, 6sense buyer intent data presents a longer trend of intent.

6sense buyer intent data over time is important as it gives you a contextual timeline of actions for customers during longer sales cycles. Lift AI’s real-time buyer intent scoring is important as it allows you to capitalize on the visitors’ interest while they are actively shopping your products and services right now, while they are on your website. 

Accelerator #4: Data Processing (Machine Learning + Mixed Models)

The combination of the two strategies used between Lift AI and 6sense bring different approaches together, providing a fully comprehensive view into both your accounts and contacts and the anonymous traffic on your website, making your programmatic plays and website opportunities vastly more intelligent.

Lift AI is 100% entirely based on a machine learning model that’s pre-trained on extensive behavioral and conversion data including billions of website visitors and hundreds of millions of purchases. This empowers it to swiftly interpret visitors' unique behaviors on your website that typically lead to conversions (or not), identifying common signals as well as uncovering non-obvious patterns that might be overlooked by predictive analytics, human analysts or point based algorithms.

6sense, utilizes a mix of different models including predictive analytics, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and point-based algorithms.

For example, it can ingest keywords that are relevant to your products or services and then find out which of your target accounts are consuming information on other websites and articles that contain those keywords. 

Additionally, 6sense uses point-based algorithms to evaluate fit scores for your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) which takes into consideration data such as company size, industry, location, contact job function, and more. 

Finally, 6sense uses predictive analytics to determine “engagement scores”, using statistical models to find patterns and predict future outcomes against those patterns. 6sense generally uses CRM and MAP data from your known systems, plus a few additional website signals for this calculation, such as pricing page visits and form fills.

In essence, Lift AI's real-time, behavior-focused machine learning excels at interpreting on-site visitor intent with depth and precision, while 6sense's mix of models takes a broader approach, factoring in content consumption, off-site activities, and a smaller selection of website signals to gauge buyer intent across the buyer journey.

Combining Lift AI and 6sense : Better Together

By now you can see how both Lift AI and 6sense approach the concept of buyer intent differently, allowing a complete view of your buyers intent. 

Lift AI helps you uncover the hidden revenue potential of your website, using machine learning to find buyers that you can engage and convert in real-time even if they’re completely anonymous.

6sense helps you make sense of the wider marketplace, allowing you to build a list of target accounts and track their activities across broader touchpoints to predict where they are in their buying journey. 

However, by combining Lift AI and 6sense, you can get a highly actionable and precise view of individual buyers within your target accounts and ICP, once they land on your website. 

Better Together Story #1: 6x Increase in Sales Efficiency 

Another client worked with 6sense to define a Target account list and proactively market to that audience, helping them to build awareness and advance accounts through the broad steps of their buying journey. 

They have approximately 5M website visitors per month, and match about 1.5M (28%) of those visitors per month to their 6sense data universe. 

Getting that volume of target accounts to the website demonstrates the effectiveness of using 6sense to define an addressable market, create awareness, and get these accounts engaging with their brand. 

After installing Lift AI on top, they focused on a much smaller group of website visitors within the target accounts, which ended up converting at 6x higher than those accounts in the Purchase Stage (without Lift AI high intent scoring layered in) alone. The 6sense Purchase Stage + Lift AI High Intent segment totaled 5K Visitors with a  3.39% Conversion Rate (creating a 6x difference).

This improved conversion results and dramatically increased sales team productivity because they were only spending time with visitors that were the most ready to buy. 

Finally, due to the nature of Lift AI being able to score the anonymous traffic on your site, They also found 74k completely anonymous High Intent visitors, who were not ID revealed and therefore not matched to any 6sense buying stage. This group converted at a 2.44% CVR.

Better Together Story #2: 11.6x Increase in Sales Efficiency 

By integrating Lift AI’s real-time buyer intent scores with 6Sense, Chronus was able to hone in on individuals from target accounts that are in a 6sense buying stage that are showing high conversion intent on their website in real-time.

By adding Lift AI buyer intent scores to 6Sense, Chronus was able to increase their sales conversion rate from lead to opportunity by 11.6x (3.4% without Lift AI to 39.3% with Lift AI).

This allowed their sales team to focus their resources on a “bullseye” segment of visitors and deliver a massive increase in sales efficiency! 

In practice, combining the unique capabilities of 6sense and Lift AI increases conversion rates, focuses resources, uncovers net new pipeline from anonymous visitors, and allows better prioritization of known ones by looking at the “bullseye” crossover of Lift AI High Intent + 6sense Purchase Stage accounts.

Getting Started with Lift AI & 6sense

If you want to see how Lift AI can find the hidden buyers on your website in real-time, then integrate with 6sense to maximize your ROI from both anonymous visitor and known accounts, click here to get started.

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