How Lift AI helped Nitro achieve significant growth

By Lise Reddick, VP Product at Lift AI

“We use Lift AI to continually test and optimize the chat solution and messaging... to ensure we achieve our revenue goals and objectives”

Sarah Ewing
Director of Ecommerce

Lift AI enabled the best combination of AI messaging and automation to reach more visitors, enhance the customer experience, and increase revenue.

Nitro had ambitious goals to grow their online revenue. Because messaging had already proven to be successful, they wanted to expand the sales coverage provided to customers.

The problem was that, like many ecommerce sites, it is too costly to provide live sales chat to everyone on the site because of a relatively higher volume of lower-converting traffic.

By introducing messaging and automation into the mix, live sales chat could be offered to more visitors qualify those “diamonds in the rough”. However, because humans convert higher than bots, agents continued to play a significant role in the sales process.

Lift AI experts developed a strategy that leveraged the right combination of bots and live sales agents to maximize conversion and provide a better customer experience for each visitor. This was done by using Lift AI to predict every visitor's conversion potential and grouped them into high, medium, and low audiences.

Live sales agents focused on high potential visitor segments, while automation was used in 3 key areas:

1. Providing automation for support type inquiries to deflect them from sales resources

2. Qualifying visitors before involving agents in those sales opportunities

3.Helping off-shift and various language visitors through their buying journey with a contained bot experience

The Lift AI services team leveraged LivePerson's Conversational Cloud technology to create and configure three distinct target audiences and configured 3 target audiences based on the Lift AI conversion scores.

The high scoring visitor audience routed directly to live sales agents, which saw an increased conversion rate of 50%. Reducing non-sales interactions going to sales agents enabled them to capitalize on every high potential visitor across the site.

For visitors with scores in the mid-range cohort, the Lift AI team used LivePerson’s Conversation Builder technology to build automation that would quickly qualify the visitors further and escalate sales opportunities to agents. The conversion rate for these visitors more than doubled.

The lowest scoring visitor cohort had a very high volume, with very few sales opportunities mixed in. The LivePerson platform provides the ability to use tailored automation for different audiences, so this low converting audience received a fully automated experience for both sales and support inquiries. This approach was used for low scoring visitors during shift hours and enabled the expansion of messages to off-shift hours, a previously deemed low priority segment. Once tested, it was also the basis for bots in multiple languages that were difficult to staff due to low volumes. The conversion growth here was staggering - it increased by over 500%!

"We used Lift AI to continually test and optimize the chat solution and messaging and quickly pivot to implement strategies to ensure we achieve our revenue goals and objectives" - Sarah Ewing, Director of Ecommerce

Using Lift AI scoring and services, Nitro increased the number of visitors targeted with chat by 522%, built great customer experiences, and made a significant contribution to growth in overall site revenue. This new strategy offered the right blend of humans and bots to reduce the risk of high potential visitors experiencing bot fatigue, while delivering the level of automation that was needed to expand the chat messaging program and help Nitro achieve significant growth.

About Lift AI:

Lift AI predicts the conversion potential of each website visitor to calculate the revenue potential of your website when the most effective conversation mode—bot, live agent, self-serve—is used, and then triggers the best experience in your chat application. Lift AI’s machine-learning has codified 15 years of sales chat data, 1 billion web journeys and 14 million live sales interactions so that right out-of-the-box, you can score and effectively engage both known and anonymous visitors based on their unique conversion potential

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