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October 1, 2023

Maximizing Sales Efficiency in Uncertain Economic Times: Why Buyer Intent AI is Critical

Don Simpson

Executive Summary

  • As companies continue to face economic uncertainty, the optimization of sales and sales teams has become a critical challenge. 
  • In 2023, the power of AI is critical to maximizing sales efficiency, pipeline, and revenue.  
  • Traditional approaches are no longer enough, as sales continue to spend time engaging with unqualified leads, cold calling, support requests, and more
  • The key to unlocking 5x sales efficiency is to find which website visitors are the most likely to buy, then set up automatic playbooks to engage those visitors only
  • The only way to do this is through real-time behavioral website buyer intent data, which can only be provided by AI-powered tools like Lift AI. 
  • By using Lift AI to identify high-intent visitors and automatically engaging with them, sales teams can improve their efficiency, pipeline, and revenue. 
  • Similarly, this helps to deflect low intent visitors away from your sales team, protecting their time and increasing their professional satisfaction 
  • This approach can also lead to net-new pipeline and revenue from previously unidentified anonymous visitors 


Sales teams need to be deployed differently

What if you could take one of your sales team members right now, and have them produce the output of five? 

“One Lift AI high intent playbook quickly became the second biggest pipeline producer ( 1st was contact sales CTA), and even more impressive, it did so with 5x the sales velocity.”

You could suddenly increase your sales and revenue with the same number of team members, or you could retain the current level of performance with fewer team members.

The optimization of sales has become a key challenge of 2023, and the economic conditions tighten and become more uncertain. 

Right now, sales teams are struggling to hit targets as business activity is reduced. Similarly, employers are struggling to keep their sales teams efficient. Already, we’ve seen layoffs across many industries - but there’s a way to fix this, and the answer is in how each sales spends their time.

In 2023, it’s critical to capture as much demand as possible rather than just continue creating demand. Doing so will reduce spend and increase conversion efficiency while optimizing sales performance and sales velocity.  

In other words, there is a massive opportunity to flip your funnel and focus on potential buyers on your website first, and then deploy your resources on the rest of the market second

Rather than spending another dollar on driving traffic to your website, you should exhaust the conversion potential of your website first. 

Otherwise, money being invested into the top of the funnel will leak through the cracks, and ultimately impact your conversion rates, your revenue and your sales team’s performance. 

Instead of chasing down leads that fit your ICP or target account list, what if each sales member only spent their time engaging prospects who are the most likely to convert right now?

That’s how 5x results are achieved. The ultimate question becomes, how can you determine which prospects are ready to convert right now?

The buyer-intent first approach

What your sales team needs is to know the real-time behavioral website buyer intent of each and every website visitor. 

With that information in hand, they could spend their time engaging visitors who are likely to convert while deflecting the other visitors to automated experiences (such as chatbots).

Website buyer intent represents the likelihood of a visitor or prospect to convert. That might sound obvious, but it hasn’t been possible to do until now, because AI breakthroughs have made it possible.

Once your sales team shifts to a buyer-intent first approach, their efficiency could improve by a factor of 5x.

However, only Lift AI’s real-time behavioral buyer intent can provide this change, not the traditional buyer intent of old.

To understand this, we need to look at the difference between traditional buyer intent signals and behavioral AI buyer intent signals provided by Lift AI. 

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the differences, but at a high level: 

Traditional buyer intent tools:

  • Are based on human hypotheses and simple calculations
  • Look at a small sample of online actions and assigns an arbitrary score to each action, then adds them together to represent intent (e.g. viewing a pricing page on your website, researching topics similar to your company, etc)
  • Do not always provide real-time, current data and is often outdated or delivered to your team slowly
  • Can only provide scores for known contacts and accounts, which typically represents up to 30% of your traffic on average

On the other hand, Lift AI’s real-time behavioral buyer intent technology:

  • Uses artificial intelligence that’s been pre-trained using billions of data points based on the behavior of historical buyers
  • Processes hundreds of signals, each cross-referenced against each other in real-time with constantly updating scores, which delivers much more accurate prediction of conversion probability.
  • Works for every single visitor, including the 70% of completely anonymous visitors that traditional tools are missing 

The paradigm shift caused by software was that any task you could describe step by step could eventually be done better with a computer than by a person. The problem is that buyers don’t buy in a simplified step by step model, so the hypothesis-based approach used traditionally by marketers is always subject to failure. The game-changer with AI is that you can show what output you want (lead, conversion, sale) without defining the steps. And because buyer journeys can take thousands of different paths, AI models can uniquely identify the buyers and feed those to your sales reps.

5x sales efficiency in practice

As Lift AI scores the buyer intent of website visitors in real-time as they navigate your website, then streams those scores to your engagement tools, ready for action.

For example, visitors with a Lift Ai score between 70-100 may be deemed as “high intent”, so any visitor within that score range can trigger automatic engagement responses.

So instead of your sales team chasing up ideal leads who haven’t been on your website for weeks, they can set up chat conversion playbooks (e.g. via Drift) for the visitors on your website who are primed to convert right now.

Using Lift AI, we’ve seen companies increase their sales efficiency by a factor of 5x. 

In practice, this means Lift AI intent-based experiences convert 5x faster than visitors given traditional page-based experiences (e.g. playbooks that connect visitors to sales when the visitor goes to the pricing page).

This essentially allows each sales to have the output of 5 team members by cutting through the noise and connecting ready-to-buy visitors with your sales team in an instant.

It’s not just sales efficiency, but new pipeline and revenue

Because Lift AI is the only buyer intent tool that can accurately uncover the buyer intent of anonymous visitors, it can reveal net-new pipeline that you couldn’t see or convert before.

For example: 85% of new pipeline was found from anonymous visitors in the case of Chronus

Additionally, net-new pipeline can turn into new closed revenue.

For example: Formstack increased their monthly recurring revenue by 422% using Lift AI

When you uncover the buyer intent of all website visitors, you suddenly unlock the potential of your entire website.

For example: Fluke Biomedical used Lift AI to increase their revenue per website visitor by 345%

“Our goal for ARR from chat for the first year was to generate $50-$100K. In the first year, we were able to attribute over $1M in incremental recurring revenue to Lift AI."
  • John Walker, Director of Demand Marketing, PointClickCare

In 2023, maximizing sales efficiency, pipeline, and revenue is critical. Want to add the power of AI to your sales team? Get in touch with us Today.

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