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Up to 98% of the visitors on your website right now are completely anonymous. Lift AI will reveal their intent and direct them to the most effective conversion path through chat in real-time.
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How we Calculate Results

  • 1
    Breakdown of Visitor Cohorts
    Your website visitors are broken down into low, medium, and high score conversion intent based on averages calculated over 15 years and 1 billion profiled visitors
  • 2
    Conversion Increase per Cohort
    We then take your average conversion rate and tweak it per cohort to identify what the increase should be per cohort if you use Lift AI
  • 3
    Conversions X Customer Value
    Those increased conversions are simply multiplied by your average lead or sale value to determine the revenue lift you can achieve with Lift AI

Lift AI's proprietary algorithm is powered by over 15 years of real web and chat data, including:

1 B

web visitors profiled

650 M

chat impressions

14 M

chat interactions

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